LONDONDERRY — The community's fire chief will resume giving weekly updates on the coronavirus, as numbers of those infected with the virus are increasing over the past several weeks.

At a Town Council meeting Oct. 19, fire Chief Darren O'Brien told councilors the town has seen an uptick in positive cases and will continue to make video updates on the local cable system to keep residents informed and updated on the virus.

As of Oct. 18, O'Brien said Londonderry had 25 active cases, adding he feels the increases are due to community spread within the town.

The fire chief noted a large gathering recently at the town's LAFA fields, where many people, including youth athletes, were gathered for tournament play.

"It was a horror show," O'Brien said, adding he noticed no masks being work, and no social distancing taking place.

"The coaches weren't wearing masks and the kids were lining up to greet each other," he added.

O'Brien said the state and CDC guidelines were not be adhered to at all.

"There are these conspiracy theories out there that say masks don't do anything," the chief said. "There are also 220,000 lives that have been lost. So ask their families. That's what I say."

O'Brien said he feels the road ahead is a long one.

"I think it's going to be a long winter season," he said. "This is just a taste of where things are headed."

O'Brien did offer some good news, that Fire Department personnel are all healthy and well.

Town Council Chairman John Farrell urged everyone to remain vigilant and take care of each other. He noted that Town Hall had to shut down for two days due to a positive case of the coronavirus, but was up and running after an extensive cleaning took place.

"I understand everyone is tired of this," Farrell said. "Let's just take care of each other and try to stay healthy."

Councilors also heard an update from state officials on the state's planned project at the intersection of Stonehenge Road and state Route 28.

The Stonehenge Road/Route 28 intersection was deemed a priority by the state and is included on the 10-year transportation plan.

Back in 2017, the town of Londonderry recommended to the Southern New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission that improvements to this particular intersection be added to the state's 10-year plan.

In December, the state and the town put a municipal agreement in place for a 50% split in the cost of the project.

As of today, state officials say a ground survey is scheduled for this fall, traffic counts have been taken and crash data is obtained.

The project schedule includes a public information meeting in late winter/early spring, a public hearing in the fall of 2021, and construction set to begin in the fall of 2023.

Londonderry state Rep. Doug Thomas said he and other town legislators would try to do what they can to help speed up the process.



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