LONDONDERRY —  Town officials are looking forward to opening up the community in a safe, secure way.

That includes ways to move forward with popular summer activities and how to make sure people are doing town business safely.

At a Town Council meeting May 18, officials talked about the eventual opening of Town Hall as New Hampshire joins states all across the nation lessening restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Town Hall and the community's departments and staff have kept business as almost usual the past two months, doing much business remotely, via online resources and some continuing in person, like inspections, public works projects and other transactions.

But, according to Town Manager Kevin Smith, Town Hall's doors could officially open on June 15.

That's a target date, Smith said, as that's also the end of the school district's remote learning schedule for the year.

Other town buildings are also planning to reopen, Smith said, including the cable studio where people can make appointments to use the facility for recording programs.

The last building that will open will most likely be the Londonderry Senior Center, Smith said.

"That's a very vulnerable population," Smith said.

As for traditional summer events planned in town, including Londonderry Arts Council's summer concert series and the week-long Old Home Day celebration in August, more information and details will be given at the next council meeting June 1.

The summer concert series organizers are working on ways to keep the concerts going, and could take on a more virtual approach to the schedule this year.

As for Old Home Day, those decisions and plans are still being made, with more information to come next month, officials say.

"That's a major summer event," Town Council Chairman John Farrell said, adding so many events around the state are already being canceled for the summer.

"By June 1 we are going to have to make a decision up or down on Old Home Day," he said, adding the festivities this year could take on a much scaled down approach to keep safety in mind.

In other news, fire Chief Darren O'Brien gave updates on the COVID-19 situation in town, saying first responders were doing well caring for the community while maintaining safety guidelines.

As of Monday, the community had 70 active cases of the virus and 108 in total.

With the Central Fire Station expansion project still underway, but wrapping up, the chief said he is keeping a close watch on those construction crews as well as other workers around town that are part of ongoing town construction projects and developments to make sure safety is maintained.

As for the fire station, crews are wearing masks and other guidelines are in place, the chief said, adding he had hoped to have a summer celebration to officially celebrate the new, improved station on Mammoth Road.

"It may be a virtual grand opening," O'Brien said.

The chief continues to offer weekly updates on social media and local cable television to give residents information on the coronavirus and how Londonderry is faring during the pandemic.

The chief said there is a possibility councilors could meet in person for its June 1 meeting. That could happen if safe distancing remains in effect, chairs could be moved apart, etc. to maintain safety.

O'Brien also noted his department is continuing to work with local businesses as they plan reopening measures.

"To make sure they are meeting the guidelines," O'Brien said, "and doing things safely."

Police Chief William Hart echoed O'Brien's message, saying his department is also keeping watch over the community, its areas like recreational fields and other locations where people might gather.

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