Londonderry Democrats' sign approved after much colorful discussion

DERRY NEWS/File photoThe New Hampshire Democrats renting space at this 2 Litchfield Road property in Londonderry will install a new sign, recently approved by the Heritage Commission in town. The building is deemed historical and specific sign rules needed to be followed.

LONDONDERRY — Democrats renting a space at a building at 2 Litchfield Road can now move forward with installing a sign, but picking the right color drew a lot of discussion in the meantime.

The Heritage Commission continued a request by the New Hampshire Democratic Party to place a sign at the building they are currently renting, holding a special public meeting June 27 and then approving the plan.

Commission members wanted more time to review information about the process for placing the sign, due to the property's location and determination as a historical property.

The Litchfield Road property is zoned Commercial III and within a historic overlay district. With that historical designation, there are rules and regulations that need to be followed when improvements are requested.

Town officials decided the sign's design and size were in accordance with all historical requirements at the property.

With the sign request, those representing the Democrats said the plan would follow what the town wants.

But it turned out to be the sign's eventual color that drew the most discussion at the recent meeting. There were many opinions, varying from green to various shades of blue.

Commission officials said the sign's color shouldn't be too similar to the blue on the official "Town of Londonderry" signs.

Tim Siekmann, representing the sign request, said the sign will be located at the front of the Litchfield Road building, and would conform to the area and the color scheme.

"The house is beige, the barn is a rusty dark red," Siekmann said. "We didn't want to confuse the color and style with the official town of Londonderry sign."

But then the meeting became a bit of a color choice discussion, with officials finally checking online paint sources for specific blues that would work for the new sign. A matte versus semi-gloss paint also took some talk time.

Jim Butler, a town councilor and Heritage Commission liaison, said he wanted a compromise.

"We are talking about a sign, let's come to a compromise here," Butler said. "Let's get to a blue. Let's get over this petty stuff, give me a color."

Once everyone decided on the proper blue, Tammy Siekmann, also a member of the Londonderry Democrats, said she was concerned about what might happen to the sign once it was installed.

"We've already been told people are going to try and tear it down," she said, encouraging everyone to be vigilant and keep watch. "We are trying to be diplomatic here."

She said with the election season heating up, it's sad situations like this come up.

"It's a shame we have to deal with this," Siekmann said. "We've already had some issues with people trying to vandalize and that's not real pretty for our town."

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