LONDONDERRY — Town councilors granted a licensing agreement to a local junkyard but added certain issues still need to be addressed within a 90-day time frame.

At a meeting June 29, councilors approved a licensing agreement for S & S Metals at 196 Rockingham Road, but added there will be a 90-day span to get both town and junkyard sides on the same page for what needs to be done as per the annual licensing agreement.

The town considers licensing of its community junkyards/scrap metal dealers every year. S & S is one of two businesses in town that seek the annual licensing. Murray's Auto Salvage on Hall Road had its license renewed at an earlier meeting.

Town code enforcement officer/building inspector Richard Canuel said if any conditions of the businesses were out of compliance this past year, it was a simple notification brought to the owner and issues were resolved.

But in the S & S Metals case, there were still some lingering issues, including the placement of various vehicles on the property where they aren't allowed, according to the licensing agreement.

Owner Vito Solimini appeared before Council, saying he felt he wasn't notified properly of the June 29 special meeting. He felt some restrictions on his business from the town were unfair.

"What you are trying to do to me is not right," he said. "I've had no problems up until now."

Solimini added he feels junkyards get a bad name in the community.

"I've been doing this all my life," he said. "Nobody likes a junkyard to begin with. You guys are all the same, you are just trying to put us out of business."

Town Council Chairman John Farrell said he wanted things to work out for Solimini and his business.

"The last thing I want to do is stop your business," Farrell said. "I'm trying to figure this out."

Councilor Tom Dolan said Solimini and this type of business are an asset to a community.

"It's very valuable to communities to have junkyards, salvage yards," Dolan said, "to process (scrap metal) difficult and expensive to dispose of."

Councilors decided to approve the S&S license with the 90-day time frame, to try and rectify that property's issues with having trailers and other vehicles often visible from the road, against licensing guidelines.

That includes getting town and junkyard legal counsel involved to get things worked out.

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