LONDONDERRY — Voters here will get an extra hour to cast ballots in March.

Town councilors approved a measure earlier this month to add an additional hour to the town's voting schedule.

Election day is Tuesday, March 12 and the polls are now open in Londonderry from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Londonderry High School gymnasium on Mammoth Road.

Town Moderator Tom Freda came before council at a meeting earlier this month, saying adding the extra hour to start the day would serve many voters well, those who wish to cast early ballots on their way to work.

He said at the last election voters were showing up at the high school gym to vote early due to some incorrect polling information in the public, but then added having an earlier start time might work well for the town.

"A lot of these voters were very interested in having the voting hours extended," Freda said.

The midterm election last November drew big numbers who came out to choose federal and state officials including governor, state representatives and U.S. congressional leaders from the Granite State.

About 10,859 voters cast ballots in November, more than 50 percent of the town's registered checklist.

Freda said the council could vote on adding more time and he said all the essential polling workers and staff would be set to start the day earlier.

Freda also cited a report by the Secretary of State's office, saying many communities see their longest lines first thing in the morning.

"If you can reduce that delay, you can feel the effects of much shorter lines the rest of the day," Freda said.

Councilors voted to start election day earlier by one hour and also consulted with legal staff to make sure all rules were being followed.

Voters will decide on both town and school district budgets, and will also consider warrant articles and will choose town and school district officials when they  head to the polls in March.

Councilor Joe Green said he was in favor of starting the day at 6 a.m.

"I think the voters told us that the last time," he said. "It showed people definitely wanted to vote earlier."

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