LONDONDERRY — Resident and facilities committee member Tony DeFrancesco is urging the school board to consider buying land to support the district's enrollment growth and space issues.

At a board meeting Oct. 22, DeFrancesco spoke to the board about why a land purchase might be a good way to proceed when it comes to handling the school district's space crunch.

DeFrancesco, also a realtor in town, said it was a "call to action" he was offering the board, saying as part of the facilities study work, there is a lack of adequate space for growth when it comes to school-owned buildings and current land.

"Much of what you now own as a school district is inadequate," DeFrancesco said, adding development on those spots is "nearly impossible" or cost prohibitive.

DeFrancesco suggested putting a warrant article on the school's ballot in March 2020 asking voters to support a land acquisition.

"In my opinion, the future of the district is going to be decided by our actions, your actions now, regarding real estate in the future," he said.

DeFrancesco said there is land in town available, but it may not officially show as being for sale. Especially larger parcels, he said, where there may already be a building.

Getting conversation and negotiations started with a realtor can get the process moving, without having to bring any official information to the public yet.

"You would have to negotiate but let the voters decide," DeFrancesco said.

Land located behind the high school and Moose Hill School is also not adequate for expansion, DeFrancesco said, due to ledge and fill needed for development. That would drive up costs, he said.

DeFrancesco ended his presentation, saying buying land would help solve some of the future problems that have already been identified when it comes to space needs.

"And maybe some problems you don't even know about yet," he told board members. "I'm asking you, for the betterment of the school district and for the town as a whole, that in March 2020 you put an article on the ballot that includes land acquisition for future development."

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