Just another 'Sherry-ism'

Sherry Farrell

John keeps repeating, "I'm sorry Honey. It only happens to you. Hey, we should call these 'Sherry-isms." He's laughing and I still can't believe it.

This week I planned to take a little getaway after the election's long hours. You know me, all I need is New Hampshire so we headed to our New Hampshire coast. We found a great house in North Hampton that we could rent at a low price offseason and pretty much spur of the moment.

Remember the last time we escaped to the beach I told you all about the puzzle that we did that was all about New Hampshire. That puzzle turned out to be as imperfect as all of us — 999 pieces done and the last piece missing!

It's really fun for me when people come to my office and they check out the New Hampshire puzzle on my wall. Suddenly, they see the vacant spot where one piece is missing.

My little personal vacation tradition has become finding a perfect New Hampshire puzzle to complete. I love leaving a puzzle out on a table for everyone to add a couple of pieces to.

Here it is Saturday night, our first night of vacation and I decide to break out my brand new, covered in plastic wrap, never been opened New Hampshire puzzle. This one says right at the top of the box, "I love New Hampshire" with a small red heart.

I knew it was meant to be. I have a big table all to myself and I always start by picking out all the flat-edged pieces that make up the frame. I love doing that.

I skimmed through the 1,000 pieces and separated the frame ones from the middle ones. Next, of course, I started putting together the frame.

What I love to do is look at the box as sections of the frame come together. One area was red, white and blue, another yellow. The problem was nothing matched the picture on my box.

Any professional puzzle maker knows that your guide is always the box cover. I decided it had to be me, my eyes. I called Mackensie's boyfriend Tyler over to take a look, and he couldn't find anything that matched the box cover either.

The cover showed all my New Hampshire words like the Mt. Washington Auto Road, Brake for Moose, The Granite State, even Hampton Beach! That's why I picked it!

We were able to make words like Arizona, Welcome to Rhode Island, Welcome to New York, yep, all the states signs were there.

Finally, I figured it out. I had the right box, but the wrong puzzle was in the box. John, the girls and Tyler were watching the Celtics game and when they realized what had happened they just couldn't believe it.

They all came over to check. I was right. Right box, wrong puzzle inside! Bart said I got a "puzzle within a puzzle." Bart, another great mind.

Now, what to do. John said "Well, that's another Sherry-ism! This stuff doesn't happen to anyone but you!" I wasn't sure how to react, but he was right.

On Friday, I kept wanting to say to Cherie in our office that she comes up with the best sayings and references to things. A couple of times I went to say, "That's a Cherie-ism."

Little did I know that just 24 hours later John would be using that in reference to me

I guess John was right, it definitely was a Sherry-ism. Have you ever heard of these nutty things happening to anyone else? Well, I guess I'll be taking a ride back to my favorite little hobby store located right in Londonderry, Hobby Town, this week.

They have the best selection of White Mountain puzzles you can find and so many other things. They will get a kick out of this story. Now I'm wondering what they will say? Maybe it's been happening to other people, too. I'll let you know next week.

John said I should write a boot, or start a website about Sherry-isms. Maybe it could have many other people's "isms" included. We all have those things that could only happen to us.

You know how I love to look up definitions. "Isms," according to the internet, tend to mean something physiological or even political. Basically, a different approach to life! That's me! Perfectly imperfect in every way.

This week, we lost a great "ism" of our time, or maybe they could be called "Ruth-isms."

My favorite "ism" of Ruth Bader Ginsberg is "I dissent, going against the majority ... which often influence great change in the future."

I guess another "ism" could be Justice Scalia, Ruth's dear friend and colleague, too.

Sherry Farrell is Londonderry Town Clerk and a longtime resident of New Hampshire.

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