LONDONDERRY — There is a long list of criteria that give towns ways to study their roadways and intersections running from point to point.

After many residents in town voiced concerns over a specific intersection in Londonderry, traffic engineering experts offered some insight as to what determines safety or danger when it comes to roads and where they cross.

Londonderry resident, traffic study expert and Stantec representative David Debaie offered his views of what makes an intersection safe or not when it comes to the official criteria at the state level.

He explained during a Town Council meeting July 10 the different classifications of intersections and what would deem a location a success, or failure.

"There are different levels of service," Debaie said, "A,B,C, and D, all acceptable levels of service. At Level E, it starts being poorer/less acceptable to many drivers. When you are at "F" you are at a greater delay."

And if the state was considering putting a traffic signal at a specific intersection, that would take a lot of study of patterns, delay times, accident reports, congestion and other data.

After a massive housing project was approved by the town's Planning Board earlier this year, a lot of traffic and intersection concerns came to light.

That project is a multi-family workforce housing project at 30 Stonehenge and 113 Hardy Road, a complex that will bring 12 24-unit buildings and approximately 288 rental units to town.

But there was much opposition from many residents who spoke up on various occasions about the dangers of the housing plan, including many worries about the traffic in the area and intersection dangers.

First Londonderry Associates LLC, developers Samir and Raja Khanna said they were aware of many concerns over their project for a long time and had worked hard to make the plan the best for Londonderry.

Although, board members said the plan fell within all town regulations and rules pertaining to workforce housing and zoning ordinances and the amount of units allowed on the site for that purpose, other concerns included the amount of traffic that would be generated in the area — an area known to many local residents as a dangerous intersection and cross-over route from Manchester Road heading down into Derry, over to Mammoth and beyond.

"There's a lot of analysis and data that goes behind what grade each intersection gets," Town Manager Kevin Smith said. "It's what does the data say versus what does it feel like?"

Smith added that once a development plan comes before the town, traffic analysis and studies are a big part of the process and planning.

He noted that the Mammoth Road/Stonehenge intersection that drew a lot of opinions from the public was rated an "F."

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