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Sherry Farrell

In the last few weeks, a few people have stopped by or just mentioned to me that our stories together are "homey."

I loved it when I heard it for the first time and then the word kept popping up.

You know how I am with loving to look up the history, meaning or definition of words and things. The dictionary definition of "homey" is that it is an adjective common to North America that refers to a place and surroundings — something pleasant and cozy.

Cozy is a nice way to describe our time together here in these 1,000 words or so. We feel safe and cared for together. You're part of my family and once a week you welcome me into yours.

Let's think of some other things that are "homey."


Last week we talked a lot about our upcoming elections and all the preparation that is already going on. We are encouraging people to vote by absentee ballot if health is a concern, but what some voters of all ages are implying is that heading in to cast their vote is "homey."

It makes us American and we pray no one will ever take that right away from us. Elections are, and should be, welcoming and homey.

One of my dear friends, Bill Stiles, who has been a custodian at our high school for many years, is a huge help to me as we get ready for our elections.

Most people probably don't realize it, but well before election day, your town clerks, along with a representative from the company that maintains our elections machines, spend quite a lot of time watching closely as each of our ballot boxes and machines are inspected to make sure they are working properly on election day.

It's just about an all-day process. This takes place in every town and city in one form or another.

Bill also said to me as he was helping us, "Sherry, your stories are....homey."

In many towns, election day is very much like an Old Home Day. It gives us all a chance to maybe catch up with someone we haven't seen, especially given the way things have been. Remember, you can still come in and cast your vote just like you always have, we will just have to have more safety measures in place.

Old Home Day: talk about something homey. It's been part of our great state for over 100 years now. Changes are necessary but many towns have figured out how to hold onto even a small part of Old Home Day to keep our homey, all-American tradition alive.

Many towns will still have fireworks displays or even road races to bring us together, just spaced out a little differently than we are used to. That's OK, though.

The Enterprise Bank Boot Scootin' Boogie 5K and Brewfest is scheduled for this Saturday, Aug. 15. I hope people come out to fun run, seriously run, or just support the event by playing music and waving flags. We still have time to sign up, just go to millenniumrunning.com/boots.

If you want homey at its best, check out Pasquale's Ristorante and Pizzeria.

Their pizza box makes me smile every time I see it. On the cover is a beautiful picture of the Italian countryside, and it says, "We appreciate your business." Took my breath away when I noticed that.

Your pizza made to order, every fresh ingredient you want want and a great price, too. My favorite is the margarita pizza with fresh mozzarella and basil. Pasquale makes and bakes each pizza in a brick oven brought over from Italy. I love it when Rosa answers the phone — she is just so patient with each question asked.

Made with love should be their motto.

If you get a chance to watch Episode 27 of "The Londonderry View," you can learn more about Pasquale's and how it got its start.

I think our "Londonderry View" is homey. We do our best to share all the good that is going on in New Hampshire.

This week we will be taping our first show in a long time and we are very excited to be back together. If you have any ideas for our new season, please let me know at sfarrell@londonderrynh.org.

Just one last thing I find very homey and that is the sixth annual Blues Festival taking place on my 60th birthday, Aug 22! Stop by the Londonderry Common between noon and 4 p.m. and support Veterans Helping Veterans. I promise you will hear some of the best hometown blues around.

Thinking of another special birthday this week: My husband and love John Farrell turns 60 on Aug. 13, this Thursday.

If you see him, please wish him a "homey" kind of day!

Sherry Farrell is Londonderry Town Clerk and a longtime resident of New Hampshire.

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