Last week, part of the my column was about Starbucks Pete, and I can’t believe that this week I have to tell you about another Pete too!

Now this is precious: "Pirate Pete." It’s a new food truck that you can find at the Londonderry Flea Market. The real name is “Pirate Pete’s Rum Shack” with a little note attached that says “But the rum’s gone." It makes me think of my private crush on Johnny Depp’s character, Captain Jack Sparrow, in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

Our own town of Londonderry building official, Richard Canuel, with his wife Libby’s help behind the scenes, came up with this family fun idea. Richard offers all kinds of fun refreshing drinks such as the Davy Jones’ Cola Colada, the Strawberry Banana Bliss and Pirate Pete’s Punch to name just a few. He describes himself as being a “Purveyor in Family Friendly Frozen Tropical Refreshments.” I love that! He also has homemade cinnamon twist available, too, that I have personally tried.

Like most pirate stories, there is more to tell.

Richard and Libby are always the first to jump on board whenever we are collecting money or supplies for someone in need — even Girl Scout Cookies. Just a couple weeks back, we asked for monetary help for a local family. Not five minutes after we sent the email out asking for help, Richard was in our office ready with a donation. He also has the gift of telling jokes just when you really need a lift.

"Pirate Pete's Rum Shack" will be at the flea market June 22 and 23, and also at Manchester's Brew Fest July 22 and the Raymond Town Fair, July 12-14.

Another for Pete’s sake moment can be found at our own loved and cherished Mr. Steer Meat Market. Imagine that Chris George has been taking care of all of us for over 30 years now! He is the oldest retail business in our area. When my mom Pearl, his very first employee, and remember I was his second, started working there it was all about the meat. The best chicken, beef, pork and so many other things.

Through the years Mr. Steer started offering us other things like beach pizza, homemade soup, even pies and potato salad, anything that would make our meals a little easier. A few weeks back, Allison Guthrie who is our newest clerk’s assistant in our office, headed in to pick up a few things and she saw lettuce wrap sandwiches ready to go. She decided to try one and then told the rest of us how amazing it was.

It turns out that Rachel Greenlaw came up with this idea and she does her best to offer them and make them fresh almost every day. Rachel has worked at Mr. Steer for a little over a year and half now. She just wanted to offer something to us that would be healthy and delicious. They are called turkey/cheese keto wraps. The keto diet is very popular now and these wraps are keto diet friendly. As much as I love bread, I didn’t miss it at all with the way Rachel makes these wraps. Mackensie and I shared my first one, I have had many since. We both agreed we felt so much better after eating it. No heavy feeling of overeating at all. As nutty as it sounds, they are very light and refreshing, especially if you have them during your work day. They are filled with lots of turkey and cheese wrapped in large crisp fresh lettuce leaves. The price is right, just $6.

Just one more for Pete’s sake, about John and Dora Antonelli of Londonderry, who are angels among us. My girls have adored John for many years. When they were little, he worked at Saint Thomas Aquinas School. John’s smile and caring, sincerely interested in what they were doing heart, always made their day. From there, John went to work at Market Basket and he would never miss a chance to ask about them. It really meant the world to us, because again we are such a small family.

One day about a year ago, John and Dora were in Market Basket and they noticed a young mother with children looking like she might need help. They gave her a $60 gift card. John told me, “We got such a wonderful reaction from the young mom. How we saved her month by buying her groceries for her, we just decided to keep on doing it. We have been doing it for well over a year now.”

John and Dora make a great team. John buys the gift cards and Dora finds a young mom with children in tow. They have dedicated themselves to not doing this once a month, but they do it every day unless as John said a snowstorm or vacation keeps them away. Something else they do behind the scenes: They connected with Matthew Thornton Elementary School Principal Amity Small, and provide snacks for children that do not have them. Did I mention that they recently wiped out all overdrawn lunch accounts? Think of the pressure that takes off a family in need.

For Pete’s sake, it makes me ask, “Why am I not doing more?"

Sherry Farrell is Londonderry town clerk and a lifelong resident of New Hampshire.

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