LONDONDERRY — Two local businesses gained approval to operate for another year.

Town councilors approved licensing for S&S Metals and Murray's Auto Salvage at a meeting June 17.

Murray's is located at 55 Hall Road, and S&S Metals is at 196 Rockingham Road.

Murray's and S&S are the only two remaining junkyard businesses in town, town code enforcement officer/building inspector Richard Canuel said. A former junkyard on Litchfield Road, has been abandoned.

"It's no longer a valid licensed junkyard," Canuel said. "The site has been cleaned up and we are looking for development of that site in the near future."

For the re-licensing of both Murray's and S & S, Canuel said both were following the town's rules as per licensing requirements when it comes to operating as a scrap/auto junkyard business.

He added there were some visits out to Murray's to give owner Ed Dudek Jr. notice that some things had to be fixed as per the licensing conditions.

That included making sure cars were not stacked and visible above a fence on the property.

Canuel said if any conditions of the businesses were out of compliance this past year, it was a simple notification brought to the owner and issues were resolved.

"Several times throughout the year Mr. Dudek has been out of compliance," Canuel said. "Each time I've stopped by, it's been taken care of. There are no significant issues at this time. As far as a junkyard, it's very clean, well organized and in compliance with Best (Management) Practices. Nothing I see would warrant denial of the license."

Murray's has had a long history with the town and several abutters for many years, sparking lawsuits, and other licensing issues. The business also suffered a major fire in 2015.

Dudek has owned Murray's for two decades, but similar businesses have operated at the site since the 1950s.

Some neighbors continue to fight for additional town oversight when it comes to the junkyard.

Richard Bielinski lives at 89 Hall Road and has been outspoken for years about the conditions at Murray's.

"Cars are continually over the fence," he said. "Cars are above the fence as much as they are below the fence."

Bielinski also provided councilors with photos of Murray's property showing stacked cars and fence damage. He also said Dudek was advertising auctions in local papers, something he feels is not allowed as per court ordered conditions.

"This has been going on for 20 years," Bielinski sid. "The cars are above the fence, you need to take care of it. The cars can't show, it's in the conditions."

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