Come to the altar

Sherry Farrell

This weekend I had the honor of sharing in a very happy time with Jim and Doreen De Montier, who were married at the Alvirne Chapel in Hudson.

I have to say they are two of the sweetest, most loving people you could know. They are both proud to be Americans and have always help others and give a lending hand along the way.

Jim and I met years ago when he came into Town Hall because he was concerned about neighbors who were very much alone and had a makeshift heating system hooked up outside their home. I believe because Jim got involved and didn’t look the other way, he saved two lives.

He did what he could for them and then brought in more help form the town to make sure they were safe during a very cold winter. I knew he was a great man then. Did I mention that Jim is also a veteran who served our country and helps other veterans along the way?

Jim and his true love Doreen were married this past Saturday at the breathtaking Alvirne Chapel. If you are like me, you have driven by it a zillion times and often wondered what it was like inside.

Well, you know I have married many couples in many places and they all hold a special place in my heart, but this will be one of my all-time favorite. Before we headed over to marry our friends Jim and Doreen, John started looking up the history and story of the chapel.

John discovered that the chapel was built back in 1909 by Dr. Hills in memory of his wife Ida Virginia Creutzborg. He purchased the land for this purpose only. They say that back in the early 1900s, the chapel could be reached by the Manchester Electric Trolley.

I didn’t realize we had an electric trolley. That can be a story we share at another time.

What I love about the Alvirne Chapel is that they welcome everyone. Weddings, baptisms and other events can be held there throughout the year. Inside is as beautiful as the outside, and the acoustics are perfect. If you would like more information, contact event chapel manager Sandy Soucy.

When we drove through the open gate onto the picturesque grounds, I noticed a man was walking away from the large doors to the chapel. He was there to make sure everything went along perfectly for Jim and Doreen’s special day.

After the ceremony, John and I decided to drive over to thank him for being there. Boy, did he look familiar.

Dan said you might know my brother, Andy Soucy. John quickly replied, “We love Andy. He played at our wedding.” Dan reminded us so much of Andy and they both have those beautiful eyes!

After the wedding we all headed back for the reception, which had to be cancelled from being inside because of COVID-19, our new normal.

With the help of many wonderful neighbors and friends, an open field was turned into a beautiful reception area. They even created an aisle of American flags for the new Mr. and Mrs. De Montier to walk through to greet their guests.

The Stumble Inn catered the event. Did you know they buy all their meat from Mr. Steer? Someone else cooking those delicious Mr. Steer steak tips was a treat.

I also found a new favorite cupcake place, Collins Cupcakes and Homemade Treats. They started in 2017. How did I not find them before? Tara Collins, the owner, spoiled us with flavors like lemon blueberry and black forest. Call Tara at 603-490-3126 and place your order. You will thank me!

Jim’s daughter Miranda shared her beautiful voice with us. Her friend Dan played guitar and accompanied her.

Miranda has the voice of an angel. I know she is going to do great things. Already she made it to one of the top positions on “The Voice.” When she sang “Come to the Altar,” I became very teary. 

Sherry Farrell is Londonderry Town Clerk and a longtime resident of New Hampshire.

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