LONDONDERRY — A new business is touting the benefits of a product that may help with stress, anxiety, pain and much more.

CBD American Shaman is now open at 44 Nashua Road, offering products made with CBD oil, derived from all-natural and high quality industrial hemp.

The oil is not marijuana and doesn't contain the part of the cannabis plant responsible for causing a "high" when used, but comes from a cannabis compound called cannabidiol or CBD, found in all cannabis plants.

"This product saved my life," said business owner Joshua Gragg, saying as a recovering addict, using the products supports his sobriety and good health. He has also struggled with chronic pain in his back and knee.

"It's made a huge different in the way I feel," Gragg added. "It's helped me with pain and anxiety and I'm able to get through my day. It alleviates how to deal with pain without taking a handful of drugs. Things just kept getting better and better."

Gragg, 32, opened CBD American Shaman last month and the response to his products has been supportive. He said customers may be interested in products for many reasons — skin care, anxiety, stress, pain, sleep issues or attention deficit disorders.

The list is long of issues where people may see benefits of using the product, Gragg said.

The oil is sold in concentrate and topical forms, in creams, lotions, coffee, gummies, snack food and even products for pets. There are more than 200 CBD American Shaman stores across the nation, Gragg said, with the Londonderry store being the sole location so far in the state. He wants to expand eventually and open additional locations in the region.

There has been much misinformation about hemp oil and what is is, Gragg said. He calls it a "miracle plant" in his own personal testimony and life journey.

"This is my life," he said. "And it can help everybody. People are amazed with the results they are getting. Its effects work for a broad spectrum of things."

That includes people of all ages, from children struggling with attention issues, up to elder citizens wanting to try an all-natural product to deal with aging, memory issues, nausea or sleep problems, he said.

Gragg is proud of his business and wants people to feel comfortable when they come in. The business is bright, open and products are displayed simply on shelves. Gragg shows off his family, including two young daughters, in a portrait on the back wall. A sample display is on one corner.

Customers can try a sample of water infused with the oil. There are several flavors available, including blueberry and lemon. K-cup-style coffee infused with the oil are also available as are lip balms, cookies, and pet treats.

Gragg admits there may still be stigma attached to products based on hemp oil, but he invites people to stop by his store and learn more about potential benefits of what he sells.

"Have an open mind and a willingness to come in and be educated," he said. "This is a family business. Come in for a sample and make decisions for yourself. See what we are about and give it a chance."

For Gragg, it's his lifestyle and the products he sells can help many. That's his goal.

"This has changed my life and I just want to help people," he said. "Everybody wants to be healthy and this is the way to do it."

CBD American Shaman is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday, noon to 6 p.m.  Call 603-552-3836 or email to

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