LONDONDERRY — The Planning Board gave conditional approval last month to an age-restricted housing project planned for property on Old Nashua Road.

And it's a plan that came before the board several years ago and returned for final consideration.

The recent approval came after the plan was continued from a meeting in October.

The plan is for a 55-and-older housing project consisting of 28 single family homes and 14 duplex units on 16 acres at 48 Old Nashua Road.

The property is scenic with a pond, said Doug MacGuire, representing the Dubay Group engineering firm and owner/applicant DFC Development.

He added the project offers more compact and affordable opportunities for housing for those older people who might want to downsize and remain in Londonderry.

"It's something different than what the town of Londonderry currently has," MacGuire said at an October meeting, adding as an age-restricted development plan, this project could be a more affordable option for people.

The homes, both the single family and duplex style buildings, will have a smaller footprint, that will offer those smaller price points for potential buyers.

The single family homes are planned with a two-car garage and small farmer's porch. The project will also have a community well system.

Leading up to the approval, some nearby residents voiced concerns about the project.

Phil and Leona Lampro made public statements, saying they had lived on Old Nashua Road for 49 years and were concerned about their well remaining safe amid the new project being developed.

"We collect rain water, use it for everything," Leona Lampro said at an earlier meeting, "and you are putting big houses in my backyard."

She added that the project, if approved and built, would take away some wooded scenery she enjoys near her home.

"It's fun to see all the wildlife," she said. "I can accept change, but you are putting the city in the county."

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