Angels among us

Sherry Farrell

I have been wanting to talk about angels together for a few weeks now and then it seems another beautiful story is presented, almost as though it is a sign from above or maybe a loved one.

This theme all started when our dear friend Bob Russo gave Mackensie a very special book titled "Angels and Wonders: True Stories of Heaven on Earth."

It is a collection of true stories about the difference nurses make in their patients' lives.

Bob also shared a story with us about when he had surgery and was waiting for his pain medication in the hospital. It kept getting later and later and he became more and more uncomfortable.

Bob remembers a man walking into his room, comforting him and telling him not to worry, everything would be OK. Shortly after that, a nurse came in with his medication. Bob told her about the young man. The nurse said no young man had been on the floor. Maybe an angel among us?

Another dear friend, Ralph Langone, called me this week to tell me about a wonderful display that our Annie's Hallmark/Baldoria has. He described it as a beautiful white feather, with the saying, "When we find a feather it is a sign that an angel is watching over us."

Ralph misses his wife Maureen with all his heart and she was taken from him due to COVID-19, but feathers bring him a sense of peace as he goes through such a difficult time missing her each day. Many of us believe that cardinals are also a sign of a loved one that has passed. A visit of support and love.

We can also be angels for each other here on Earth — one recently helped Bob. He's 89 years old, and has difficulty walking. He headed out to get his mail, but it was difficult to hold the mail and walk back to his house. Suddenly, the mail truck coming down the road stopped quickly. An angel of a mail person, a woman, jumped out and insisted on helping Bob into his home and carried his mail. She made sure he was safe and left with a smile

A few weeks back, Tiffany Richardson came into our office to register a car. While she was there, she asked me how many people were in our department. Tiffany wanted to give each of us a beautiful mask she had made herself to keep us safe and to let us know how much we are appreciated for having been there each and every day serving our residents during this pandemic. Another angel among us.

All of our first responders are angels among us. Fire Chief Darren O'Brien has been serving our community for over 30 years, as did his father before him. Chief O'Brien answers every call or need with the same love and enthusiasm he had back in the beginning. Never would you see or hear him say, "Not my job!" He and his amazing team have helped us throughout not only COVID-19, but also these unprecedented elections, and I am not sure that we could do it without them. Angels that are there day and night to help and always go above and beyond.

I know we can never understand what someone else's job entails, but for all of your town and city clerks offices, honestly, they are feeling overwhelmed and I bet many feel a little underappreciated, too. I had no idea what a town or city clerk's office did, or really any office in our town halls, until I was honored to be elected and had to learn from the ground up.

Last week, I sent an SOS email saying we needed more hands to get the job done. Within minutes, Sally Faucher, Amanda Longo, Denise Manella and Kirby Brown came to the rescue, jumping in wherever they could. Two other angels, Stacie Street and Cindi Rice Conley, have been working nonstop by our side for weeks.

Kirsten Hildonen, a supervisor of the checklist, has been going to residents' homes that are housebound to help them register to vote. She is happy to help and wants to make sure everyone has the right to vote. Many unsung angels right under our own noses!

Being able to show forgiveness and being able to say a heartfelt "sorry" when we mess up might be another way angels watch over us and guide us. Saying we are sorry or wrong is tough stuff. It is so healing when we do, though.

This week, one resident was very annoyed with our office and she let us know it, too. She said a few words, tossed a couple of papers and stormed away. We all felt bad because we know our plates are full and some of this election information is tricky to understand and explain. Well, the next day an angel walked in our office, calm and grateful, and then said she was sorry. Six months ago we might have all hugged, but our new normal allowed us to smile with our eyes. I bet an angel might have been guiding her.

At the beginning of the pandemic and knowing we would still need to be in the office each day, I was extremely nervous, for myself but more for my family — John being a cancer survivor and Bart being in an extremely dangerous age group. I'm not sure why, but morning and night I started using Zicam nose swabs which are high in zinc. My angel is my Mom and I felt as though she was directing me to do that. Still doing her best to nudge me and keep me safe. They say zinc products can help or as my Mom would say, "They sure can't hurt."

Now to end this week's story, I believe with an angel's nudge our Father Moe came by Friday evening and we prayed for a few people that had stopped by our office and shared stories with me needing prayer. The strength and healing powers of prayer. Unexpectedly, when John brought in Saturday's mail there were three special cards that touched my heard. One from a student of mine at Londonderry High School who became a dear friend and part of our family, Mary Jane Stone sent me a card that said, "There have been angels in my  life, and one of them is you. Thank you so much."

We can be each other's angels, too.

Sherry Farrell is Londonderry Town Clerk and a longtime resident of New Hampshire.

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