I just started to write to you and I thought our title might be "Let’s wrap up a few loose ends," then I remembered that the saying is “Tying up loose ends.”

Maybe this happens to you, too, but I have always had a tick with those kinds of sayings. I think it drives John a little crazy at times.

The funny thing is I wonder if it can be inherited? Mackensie does the exact same thing! I just looked it up and there is a term for it —“malaphors," or unintentional mixed up phrases and words. I guess it’s more common than I thought.

For years I have kept a running list of things either you suggest we talk about or things I thought we should discuss. Some are serious, some are funny, and I hope some are helpful. 

The first loose end I want to talk about is a coffee situation. 

Remember a couple years back I came down the stairs smelling a stronger than normal aroma of coffee only to turn the corner and see a flood of coffee all over the kitchen floor. John had forgotten to put the coffee container back and of course the pre-set timer had no idea the pot was missing.

Well, last week it was like history repeating itself! This time it was me!

What I couldn’t figure out was how could I have a flood again, when the coffee pot was in place this time. I wiped it all up and yelled up to John that the new Mr. Coffee $39 machine was broken already.

John has an incredible instinct about everything. Me, I would have taken my outcry at face value and tried to fix the darn pot.

Not John! He examined it, helped clean up the mess, and kept thinking about it. Finally, he asked me, “Sherry did you rinse out the pot last night?” I wanted to conveniently forget this one, but I realized I hadn’t. The pot was just about half full when it started to perk!

Fair is fair. I had to tell you.

The next loose end is about my favorite phrases. It means the world that you really like two of my sayings. The only thing I know for sure is that we are all “perfectly imperfect” and “toddlers with wrinkles."

I constantly think of my phrase that seems to make people laugh when I say it — toddlers with wrinkles.

I think most of the politicians seem to forget why they are there: not to help themselves or a party! To serve and help the people!

The one thing I am certain of is that our Gov. Chris Sununu gives us 120% every day. I don’t think you can argue that. But to constantly be road blocked by your own Executive Council at almost every turn, just isn’t right. He’s a good man who loves New Hampshire as much as I do! Perfectly imperfect just like all of us, but we must look at someone’s heart and offer them support.

Next loose end I wanted to talk about is about Town Manager Kevin Smith’s “Smithisms.” 

This is cute. Out of nowhere, Kevin received a written note from a man named Bob Ziegler who lives in Minot, North Dakota. In the note he told Kevin that for more than 30 years his hobby has been collecting business cards from people with the last name of, yes you got it, Smith. He even includes a self-addressed stamped envelope for you to send your card back.

Bob said that he has gotten many interesting things back. One Smith in a county sheriff’s office, Larry E. Smith, wrote back to him, “It is an honor to serve the public whether it is providing assistance in times of need or providing a business card for someone’s collection because my last name is Smith.”

I bet another person who gives a 120% like our own Kevin Smith, and Debra Smith, too! Remember we met Deb at the Elliot Regional Cancer Center fundraiser a few weeks back. Maybe it’s the last name!

Looking Bob up for more information, I learned that he has cards from all 50 states and at least seven different countries. I think it would be fun if any Smith that reads this story sends Bob a note/business card.

This week my hat goes off to Sara Awad who has an amazing eye for interior and exterior design. Looking it up, the new phrase is All Terior Design — how great is that!

Sara can design, fix, bring back to life any room or yard and somehow she makes it seem easy and fun. I guess that’s when we know we have a gift for something.

For months I have been complaining about water rings in our toilets. Nothing has worked, and believe me I have tried it. Sara mentioned to try Bar Keepers Friend (created in 1882) Cleanser. I had never heard of it. Just this weekend I saw it on the shelf at Walmart for $2.89. In less than 10 minutes with a little elbow grease, my toilets looked brand new again.

Some day Sara will have her own helpful hints podcast and I will be writing about that, too. Who would have thought we’d have a word like podcast?

One last thing — Katie Sullivan and the Pay It Forward Club need our help. The Veterans Day Appreciation Breakfast is Nov. 9. Last year they honored over 200 local veterans. They need our help in creating gift baskets that each veteran receives. Contact ksullivan@lodonderry.org or call 603-432-2527 ext: 2527. I saw on Facebook that Dyana Foley of Londonderry was making a few with her young granddaughters. Hey, we could do this, too.

Sherry Farrell is town clerk in Londonderry and a lifelong resident of New Hampshire.


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