LONDONDERRY — Fourteen residents are hoping to earn the top seven vote counts in next month's election to represent Londonderry's District 5 as state representatives.

That list includes several incumbents hoping for another two-year term, and newcomers wanting to win the position as well.

On the Republican side, six incumbents want another term at the State House including David Lundgren, Al Baldasaro, Doug Thomas, Tom Dolan, Betsy McKinney, and Sherman Packard. Rounding out the GOP list is Wayne McDonald.

On the Democratic side, the list includes incumbent Anne Warner, Ted Combes, Mack Leathurby, Luisa Piette, Paul Skudlarek, Robin Skudlarek and Martha Smith.

Candidates provided answers to several questions and profiles are below. Warner and Leathurby did not respond to requests for candidate profile information.

Londonderry voters cast ballots on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Londonderry High School gymnasium on Mammoth Road.

Republican candidates

David Lundgren

Education/Experience: Served as a member on the state and federal Veterans Affairs Committee, significant awareness on particular issues by working with local and area veterans assistance and charity organizations such as Liberty House and Veterans Count. Work with another state on opioid reduction legislation, participated in focused meetings with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs in Washington, D.C.

Family: Wife Robin, three children.

Why are you running for office? Knowing sound business practices to remain solvent no matter what comes along, i.e. COVID-19, I am able to review proposed legislation, give and receive good counsel and vote as needed for all constituents. I stand firm with my fellow Republicans and am committed to sooner versus later strong and safe economic recovery, stopping income and sales tax increases, preserving the strength of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, school choice, free markets and fewer regulations, affordable health care, efficient energy solutions, water quality and sustainability of our environment and natural resources.

Al Baldasaro

Education/Experience: High school, three years of college; seven terms as state representative; retired USMC 1st Seargeant, former national recruiter, human resources manager.

Why are you running for office?  New Hampshire is a great state to raise a family and work. I have been a chairman of a committee, vice chairman of a committee, tri-chair of the House Republican Alliance, assistant majority leader and Republican floor leader with the experience and knowledge to look out for Londonderry taxpayers. I am running for my eighth term to help maintain the N.H. Advantage of no new taxes so you can have a higher quality of living by making sure the state doesn't overspend and there is no need for an income tax. I want to make sure Londonderry gets its fair share of adequacy education funding, ensure that no veteran is left behind and receive the benefits and care owed to them. I will ensure our seniors are taken care of by not taxing them out of their homes.

The legislators are going to have to make some tough decisions in fixing the shortfall of revenues, without downshifting those costs to cities and towns which would cause property taxes to increase on businesses and homeowners.

Support for governor's 10-year energy plan; do not support a minimum wage increase, but support businesses making the hiring decisions based on their revenue. One size does not fit all. I do not support any new taxes, people are taxed enough. I do not support increasing taxes on businesses. Protecting water sources, there are many regulations on the books including the Drinking Water Source Program. Yes for supporting state funding for charter schools and homeschooling. One size does not fit all and parents must have choices in what is best for their children.

No support for stricter gun laws. New Hampshire is one of the safest states in the country. Yes for supporting paid family leave, and am pro-life and understand Roe v. Wade has been decided by the Supreme Court.

Doug Thomas

Education/experience: Undergraduate degree in plastics technology from Lowell Technological Institute and master's in business administration from University of Montana. For 22 years as a contractor, served in the Air Force and Army National Guard. Twenty-nine years as a logistician and program manager in the Air Force at Hanscom Air Force Base. Six years as state representative.

Family: Wife, Liz, one son, one granddaughter.

Why are you running for office? My education and experiences have greatly aided my abilities as a state representative. I've worked with others to support bills that help lower the costs of electricity and energy that sustain and improve water quality for us all. Since becoming retired, I am better able to immediately address the numerous and ever-changing issues. I focus is always on what is important to keeping New Hampshire a strong, family-friendly community.

Against income and sales taxes. In favor of preserving the strength of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, school choice, free markets, law and order, affordable health care, water quality, efficient energy sources, sustainability of the environment and natural resources.

Tom Dolan

Education/Experience: Attended Saint Anselm College as a math major until I entered West Point; Army veteran and have a master's degree in human resources from Pepperdine University. Serves on Londonderry Town Council.

Family: Married to Kate, have lived in Londonderry for over three decades and have two children and three grandchildren.

Why are you running for office? I strongly believe in serving my country and community. I was elected to Town Council in 2001 and have been part of 20 consecutive balanced budgets, have helped preserve open spaces and have worked to run a financially responsible government. My service as a town councilor, state representative and senior member of the minority party on the Municipal and County Government Committee kept my colleagues fully aware of how their legislative actions impact our communities. I am very vocal concerning unfunded state mandates that will raise local property taxes. I will not support any sales or income tax that would hurt the N.H. Advantage. I have helped to stop legislation that encroaches on our Constitutional rights, especially the 2nd Amendment. I have written two legislative bills to help resolve the opioid crisis.

I support a sooner rather than later strong and safe economic recovery, school choice, free markets, fewer regulations, law and order, affordable health care, efficient energy sources, water quality and availability and sustainability of the environment and natural resources.

Betsy McKinney

Education/experience: Longtime state representative, Manchester Central High School, Bentley College; retired accountant, held various town offices.

Why are you running for office? My many experiences and subtle sense of humor have helped me effectively work with colleagues of all political parties. I like ensuring budget integrity and detest unnecessary regulations and increases of tax on individuals and businesses. It is doubtful any particular item in the budget would solve the budget problem the state faces. It will be more the year of 1,000 cuts. The revenues are down substantially and adjustments will have to be made to meet this challenge.

Does not support income tax or raising business taxes. Supports clean water and anything the state can do to protect it. Support choice in education for all and the 2nd Amendment. New Hampshire gun laws are adequate.

Sherman Packard

Education/Experience: longtime state representative, holding leadership positions including chair of the Transportation Committee, vice-chair of Legislative Administration; House Republican Leader; Speaker Pro Tempore; Deputy House Republican Leader; nationally served as vice-chair on the Transportation Committee of the National Conference of State Legislators. These positions and the numerous bills passed or kept from passing have made a positive, sustaining difference in quality of living.

Family: Widower with one daughter and three grandchildren

Why are you running for office? To stop income or sales taxes and to preserve the strength of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, school choice, free markets, law and order, affordable health care, efficient energy sources, water quality and availability.

Wayne McDonald

Education/experience: Bachelor's degree in political science from Saint Anselm College, MBA from Rivier University. Worked in management in private industry and at the senior level of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services; recently retired.

Why are you running for office? Due to my experiences over four decades, I am immediately able to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a New Hampshire state representative. I have been involved in political action for decades from grassroots to the top levels of the state Republican party. I have managed election campaigns for candidates at various levels. I was a member of the Electoral College. Because I performed investigations, I learned how government officials and frontline workers respond to interpret legislation, rules and regulations, especially how they respond.

Democratic candidates

Ted Combes

Education/experience: MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, bachelor's in business management/Suffolk University, works as a loan assistant; former town councilor, and served on the Budget Committee for three years.

Family: Married to wife Kara.

Why are you running for office? To have an expanded voice for the middle class and for people under the age of 40.

On climate change, the state should be expanding areas for wind turbines and for solar projects. I support raising the minimum wage, support regulations to protect water sources, stricter gun laws and gun violence prevention, support paid family leave for people to use after they have a new baby or if they have a sick relative. Paid leave is not a vacation. I support access to abortion, every woman should have the right to do what they want with their own health and every situation is different.

I do not support state funding for charter schools, or increases in business taxes, but do believe business taxes should be restored back to the levels they used to be at. I do not support any kind of income tax.

Luisa Piette

Education/experience: Master's degree in law and bachelor's degree in government from Essex University, UK; works as media development and communications consultant; no elected experience.

Family: Married and mother of two.

Why are you running for office? I am qualified, motivated and experienced to represent our voters. I am a firm believer in our Constitutional right to equal treatment before the law and hope to run a positive campaign that will appeal to voters. I shall assist our State House in finding workable solutions for the most pressing issues at hand, including the environmental threat posed by climate change. I will also fight to protect our most vulnerable citizens, veterans, students, teachers, LGBTQ community, small businesses and to secure Medicare and affordable healthcare for all. Also interested in helping address: housing affordability, water contamination in Londonderry, enacting family and medical leave and commonsense gun laws. I support raising the minimum wage, but do not support any kind of income tax, or increased business taxes. Also support a women's reproductive rights, the government should support women's family planning choices and not impose restrictions which include abortion.

Paul Skudlarek

Education/experience: Bachelor's degree in economics from Boston College, works in sales management; Londonderry Budget Committee, liaison to both school superintendent and chief of police.

Family: Married with two children.

Why are you running for office? To further contribute to my community and offer an alternative to the politically monolithic multi-term Trump Republicans who currently occupy six of the seven seats. It's time our representation grows and changes to reflect our community's diversity.

On trimming the state budget, it would be premature to discuss cuts without a sense of the state's fiscal situation during this pandemic and any stimulus money that may be forthcoming from the federal government. On climate change, it's vitally important that legislators recognize this reality and respond with a seriousness and focus that a rapidly changing climate deserves. The state needs to greatly increase its efforts to incentivize businesses and individuals to reduce carbon emissions, invest in building weatherization and expand green initiatives to provide citizens with a more sustainable future.

I support raising the minimum wage; not supportive of any broad-based income tax; support protecting water quality; would not be in support of state funding of charter schools if that negatively impacted public schools; Yes in support of stricter gun laws, universal background checks, Red Flag laws, other reasonable measures; Yes in support of paid family leave, yes to access to abortion and the state's role should be very limited in this area.

Robin Skudlarek

Education/experience: Studies science at Simmons College; yoga instructor; worked as a fellow in Obama campaign in 2012, Clinton campaign in 2016; vice-chair of Londonderry Democrats.

Family: Married and mother of two.

Why are you running for office? I do not feel represented by the Republicans in our town. Protection of the Affordable Care Act, gun safety laws, protection of the environment including clean drinking water free from PFAS are just a few of the issues I want to work on if elected.

On climate change, the science is clear that the planet is warming at an alarming rate. Legislative policy should be reflective of that reality. I'm in favor of legislation that supports renewable energy initiatives. I support raising the minimum wage; generally not supportive of a broad-based income tax; do not support state funding for charter schools and do not want to see any initiatives that may deplete public school funding; support common-sense gun laws; support paid family leave and I support a woman's right to choose and part of that is having access to affordable health care and family planning.

Martha Smith

Education/experience: Boston College, bachelor's degree; Suffolk University Law School, JD; no elected experience; retired attorney.

Family: Married to husband Tim, two children, 37-year resident of Londonderry

Why are you running for office? I have always been interested in politics and our political system. I strongly believe in service. Currently, we are facing so many important issues and I now have time to give back and support my community by serving in this role. I am not an incumbent candidate and I would have to study the state budget and then make my recommendation concerning where to trim state spending.

On climate change, the state offers so much beauty to our nation. We should all be interested in taking all necessary measures to protect our state from the disastrous effects of climate change. I do believe in the science behind climate change and it must be taken seriously.

Do not support raising the minimum wage; do not support income tax or increased business taxes. Strongly support regulations to protect water sources. Do not support state funding of charter schools. I believe in the 1st and 2nd Amendments, however background checks and other measures should be instituted to protect our citizens from crime and suicide; I do support paid family leave and I do support a woman's right to make the decisions concerning her own body.


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