DERRY | Wal-Mart plans to move forward with plans for a Derry Supercenter even though the company canceled plans for a similar store in Hillsboro last week.

Community Development Director George Sioras confirmed Thursday that Wal-Mart will move forward with its plans for a 200,000-square-foot store on Ashleigh Drive. Company officials pulled plans for a proposed Supercenter in Hillsboro last week after four years of planning and with permits less than a month from being complete.

Sioras said company officials called him to assure the town that after two years of planning the retail giant was still committed to Derry.

"They are committed to it and wanted to reassure us they will be moving forward with it," Sioras said, noting the company will be meeting with the town's planning board in January to start the formal approval process.

Company officials released a statement last month stating they would be building fewer supercenters across the country. Instead, the company would focus on renovating exisiting stores.

The new supercenter would be located on Ashleigh Drive in the town's tax increment finance district. In February, the Town Council approved $4.8 million in improvements for the new district.

The goal is to pay back the $4.8 million bond through tax revenue from the businesses that move into the district, avoiding the need to raise taxes. It's the same deal the town made for Ash Street Extension in 2004.

To build on Ashleigh Drive, Wal-Mart has paid $100,000 to the town's conservation land fund because the property is part of a conservation easement. Wal-Mart is placing a culvert over a wetland to build an entrance.

The supercenter would create about 150 jobs when it opens in the spring of 2009, according to Wal-Mart spokesman Christopher Buchanan.

In addition to serving as a retail store, the new supercenter would also sell groceries, Buchanan said.

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