Upper Room honors class of 2021

JULIE HUSS/Staff photoMembers of the class of 2021 at the Upper Room file in for a graduation ceremony last Friday morning. Fifty-four graduates received high school diplomas after completing the Upper Room's HiSET program. 

DERRY — Fifty-four graduates received diplomas after completing the Upper Room's HiSET program, and were honored in a ceremony June 4.

Parents, friends, teachers, and other supporters gathered at the Upper Room on Tsienneto Road to celebrate the graduates.

HiSET stands for High School Equivalency Test and is a standardized exam that consists of five areas: math, English, social studies, science, reading and writing.

The Upper Room, in partnership with Pinkerton Academy, has supported the program for many years. 

Program instructor Elaina Wheaton welcomed the graduates and their families and said the past year was challenging for the students, but all should be proud of their perseverance and commitment to the program.

"You all amaze me," Wheaton said, adding it was a true collaboration of hard work and drive that led to this year's class success.

And it was a past year like no other, said Barrie-jane Corey, HiSet administrator and director of Derry's adult education program. 

"And you will continue to make decisions and take actions," she said, adding that graduates successfully faced the challenges put before them.

This was the largest class at the Upper Room, said Brenda Guggisberg, Upper Room executive director.

Members of the class of 2021 are: Aidan Bridge, Aidan Groenewal, Alan LaFleur, Alayna Warriner, Alexia Cuenca, Amy Hingston, Anastasia Richardi, Anthony Minervini, Audrey Frary, Bailey Paige, Brooke Hibyan, Cassandra Bell, Cassidy Glockner, Connor Francis, Connor Ingerson, Corey Robinson, Dacoda Dimitroff, David McFadden Delaney LaPierre, Domenic Caruso, Erin Porter, Ezra French, Harrison Wike, Hunter Huber, Isabel Espinal Provencal, Isabelle Amero, Jack Rosenblith, Jack Zabriskie, Jacob Harrison, Jacob Sargent, Jake Gagliardi, Jaquelyn Faucher, Jedidiah Christie, Jesse DiCarlo, Joel James Dziegiel, Jonathan Bell, Joseph Graves, Joslyn Paige, Julien Poirier, Kelsey Preston, Kevin Kane, Kyle Stewart, Marc Turcotte, Matthew Putzig, Meghan Webber, Mia Sienkiewicz, Nicholas Raposo, Nicolas Faucher, Riley Zywusko, Robert Larochelle, Shaya Bredstein, Terrance Langaigne, Trevor Gamache, and Tristin Zimmerle. 

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