LONDONDERRY —The town is expected to see significant savings in its solid waste and trash collection costs.

That was the good news from public works director Janusz Czyzowski last week. He told town councilors that with a proposed new contract, he would be able to lower his budget by about $100,000.

Under the current contract, Czyzowski said, the town is spending $614,000 for trash collection, $72 per ton for trash disposal and $408,000 for recycling collection.

The proposed new two-year contract will lower those costs.

Next year, collection costs would be reduced by $23,000 and trash disposal costs would go down from $72 to $65 per ton at an estimated 8,600 tons, saving Londonderry $60,200.

Recycling costs would be lowered by approximately $16,000.

The following year, fiscal year 2016, would show savings of about $90,000 in trash collection, disposal and recycling costs.

Total savings from fiscal year 2014 through 2016 could be about $239,000, Czyzowski said.

“We are very satisfied with the vendor,” he said. “They are serving our town well. This is wonderful news.”

Czyzowski said he researched what other towns were paying and Londonderry will be getting a good deal.

“And $65 per ton for two years is an excellent price,” he said.

Money saved through the course of the new contract may be used to support other public works projects like construction/road maintenance or to build a new garage for the department.

Town Manager Kevin Smith said, at the council’s direction, any savings would be put back into the budget to use where needed.

“When we get into the budget workshops, you’ll see the monies are there,” Smith said.

Councilors gave their OK to go ahead with the new solid waste contract.

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