Londonderry Middle School principal Richard Zacchilli, left, and physical education teacher Marcel Caron get taped to the wall during "Stick to Literacy." Money raised supports literacy activities at the school.

LONDONDERRY — Students at Londonderry Middle School got their principal and gym teacher in a sticky situation to support literacy.

The school’s “Stick to Literacy” efforts gave students a chance to buy a piece of tape for $1, then stick principal Richard Zacchilli and gym teacher Marcel Caron to the gymnasium wall.

The Literacy Committee hosted the event.

The two men stood on chairs as students filed into the gym with tape in hand to stick them to the wall.

“I’m going to stick it on (Mr. Zacchilli’s) his mustache,” one boy called out as he walked toward his principal.

The tape sold to students came in all designs and colors — zebra and cheetah print and neon shades.

Although staff members did say there were some rules in effect to not place tape around necks or heads, both men were quite stuck even before the afternoon was through.

All money raised goes to support literacy activities at the school, including classroom libraries and reading and book projects.

Seventh-grade reading teacher Sarah Taylor said this was the first year the school tried the tape event.

“It promotes literacy and reading in our school,” she said.

Taylor said the school also got the support of staff and parent volunteers for the afternoon of sticky fun in the gym.

“I already taped Mr. Zacchilli,” seventh-grader Lexi Nimetz said, adding she held another piece of tape reserved for Caron.

Sierra Sessa, also in the seventh grade, said the tape activity gave her and her friends a chance to do something fun for a good cause while creating a very sticky situation for Zacchilli and Caron.

“It raises money for the school,” she said. “And it makes them really colorful.”

The Literacy Committee raised $237 after all taping was final.

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