Better late than never ...

At a recent meeting held to explain Pinkerton Academy's upcoming Career and Technical Education upgrades and construction, one project supporter made a grand entrance, albeit a bit late.

Sen. Jim Rausch, R-Derry, is a big fan of the CTE work and arrived just in time to make his presentation about what is planned at the sprawling high school.

"But this campus is so big, I went to the wrong building," Rausch said.

What's your secret?

Gov. John Lynch was a special guest last week at the Derry Rotary and Derry Village Rotary Clubs' annual veterans' celebration.

Upon meeting World War II Pearl Harbor survivor James Bilotta and his wife Edie, Lynch discovered the Derry couple had been married 65 years. The governor wanted to know their secret.

"I asked Jim what is the secret to a long marriage," Lynch said. "He said he does exactly what he's told to do."

And what do vets drive?

Some drive cars and trucks proudly sporting special veterans' license plates. Some even have vanity phrases to honor their service.

The parking lot was full at the annual Rotarian veteran celebration last week. Two vanity plates were notable: "INFTRY" and "TA1PAN."

And so it begins

Memorial Day is supposed to be a solemn occasion, a time to honor and remember the veterans who have died during or following service to the country.

But, for many, the weekend is the unofficial start of summer. And, with summer, come fireworks.

Londonderry police are well aware of the explosive start to the season. They responded to numerous fireworks complaints over the weekend, including many calls from residents of Stonehenge Road Sunday.

A 911 caller reported "shooting or fireworks," followed by reports from "numerous neighbors.

By the time police arrived, the situation was "area quiet now." Not for long, we imagine.

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