Shine on

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, one local car wash advertised not only a great cleaning effort but a last-minute gift for that special someone.

The Royal T car wash in Derry sported a sign offering the best “Valen-shine” for your sweetie.

In stitches

It’s an annual tradition for people to deliberative sessions and sometimes spend long hours listening to town budget talk. Many bring books to read or crafts to keep them busy for the duration.

Londonderry School Board member Steve Young noted the phenomenon at the recent school deliberative session.

“Although attendance was down 50 percent over past meetings,” Young noted, “knitting was up 100 percent.”

A taxing job

Derry Zoning Board members unanimously approved a special exception for Old Chester Road resident Jonathan Giegerich to operate a home-based tax preparation business.

Giegerich told officials he would use his dining room table as a place to conduct potential business with clients.

Zoning Board Chairman Alan Virr said the board had no issues with the plan — except one.

“The only issue is Jonathan’s wife will lose her dining room,” Virr said.

Wiper viper

In the middle of mutliple vehicles off the road, Londonderry police were advised of an unusual road rage incident Saturday afternoon.

A caller reported the drivers of a PT Cruiser and a Buick were driving erratically on Mammoth Road and apparently enraged.

The driver of the PT Cruiser got out of the vehicle and tried to rip the windshield wiper off the Buick. The cars then went their separate ways.

Everyone’s frustrated with winter and poor driving conditions. Best advice? Cool it.

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