Spelling storm

Tsunami was the winning word at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School’s annual spelling bee Jan. 22.

More than 30 students from all grades tried their hand at being the best spellers prior to the final round. After seven rounds, sixth-grader Turner Sykes took top honors with his winning word “tsunami.”

The funniest word of the day, school officials noted, was “muumuu.”

They’re OK

A tan Mazda vehicle was spotted parked at the recent Derry police winter blood drive. The owner might have been inside, giving the gift of life.

Donors were well taken care of with pizza, treats and other food donated by local restaurants.

The car’s license plate might have summed up the experience: “IMOKRU.”

Frozen fun

Waterfront areas in Derry are frozen solid and ready for some hockey action.

On several recent frigid afternoons, people were seen out and about shooting pucks on cleared ice rinks near the beaches at Hood Park and Gallien’s Beach.

Be prepared

Mack’s Apples farm stand on Mammoth Road in Londonderry is ready for any season as it welcomes shoppers to its store throughout the year.

At its busiest in the fall, the farm stand even offers an umbrella to visitors who might need to peruse the pumpkins while it’s drizzling. A rack full of colorful bumbershoots is available at the entrance to the market.

Fowl play

Derry Planning Board members have worked long and hard to update the town’s livestock rules.

Some changes in language make the document clearer and more concise when it comes to putting fowl like chickens and roosters in a category other than livestock.

“We took emus and ostrichs out of livestock,” code enforcement officer Bob Mackey said. “They are fowl ... big fowl.”

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