Blue with a touch of ‘P’

Derry town councilors spent several minutes at a recent meeting doing some decision-making on what types of parking signs the downtown should have.

Councilor Michael Fairbanks said he liked “the blue with the P.”

“When I drive into a town I see the blue with the P,” he said. “I know that’s where I’m going to go park.”

The blue with the P was popular.

“I thought the blue with the P might be a good idea,” Acting Town Administrator Larry Budreau said.

Council Chairman Mark Osborne called for the colorful vote, which was unanimous.

“We’re voting, all in favor of blue with the P?” he asked.

Barely business

A June 26 meeting of the Londonderry Budget Committee barely got started ... and then it ended.

In only nine minutes and 56 seconds, the group zipped through its agenda: no old business, no new business, a few appointments to various committees and then it was time to say goodnight.

Tag team

A dark green Mustang was seen cruising around Derry on a warm afternoon with a possible message for anyone recalling a favorite summer childhood game.

The Ford’s license read “TAGURIT.”

Do the right thing

On Monday, someone found a debit card at the Bank of America ATM on Nashua Road and turned it in to police.

Dispatch called the card owner and all was well.

No kidding

A silver SUV with New Hampshire plates was spotted south of the border.

The vanity plate said it all: LUVGOLF.

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