DERRY — The  Rotary Club of Derry and the Derry Village Rotary Club have joined together to support those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

The clubs announced a joint $2,000 donation to the Derry chapter of 68 Hours of Hunger.

The 68 Hours of Hunger effort provides meals to children who typically do not have food on the weekends between lunch at school Friday to breakfast Monday. The need is bigger now.

Derry is home to two Rotary clubs with each group operating independently, but often joining together for community missions and other supportive projects.

One of the groups' signature events is the annual veterans cookout in June, where hundreds of veterans and family members gather for a meal and a big thank-you for all their service.

Derry Village Rotary Club President Matt Johnson and Derry Rotary Club President Adam Mead issued a joint statement on the 68 Hours of Hunger donation.

"With social distancing a best practice during this outbreak, most of us are limited in what we can do physically to help our friends and neighbors.," the statement reads. "That means we must do what we can to empower others on our behalf. This donation represents contributions from each and every member of our two clubs who stepped up to address the immediate need in our community. The fabric of our community remains strong and will see us through this difficult situation."

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