7 Chester Road, Unit 108: Jones&Wilson Rlty LLC to Jane K. Mccarthy and Matthew F. Freeman, $249,933

84 Chester Road: Daniel J. and Megan M. Jackson to April L. Skinner and David J. Stankieiwcz, $255,000

28 Derryfield Road, Unit L: Michael A. Bain to Elizabeth Nelson, $200,533

7 Eden St.: Foskitt FT and Paul J. Foskitt to Heather Ryan, $320,000

9 Eden St.: Daniel C. Foster to Maureen G. Asmega, $320,000

11 Eileen Ave.: Beth E. Kelly to Regina Wootan, $300,000

71 Fordway Ext.: Luis N. Gonzalez to Alexander C. Gerhold, $335,000

6 Gloria Terrace: Sean P. Benoit and Kelsey A. Lamoureux to Leo P. and Samantha Norton, $366,533

13 Grove St.: Charles J. Connolly to Oscar M. Gonzalez-Teo and Andrea Gonzales, $350,000

167 Hampstead Road, Unit C: John Carvalho to 270 Nashua Rd LLC, $90,933

3 Julian Road: Maryrose Dorazio to Matthew T. Decker, $535,000

43 Mill Road: Nikko Land LLC to Joseph Lynch, $155,000

26 Mount Pleasant St.: John and Dianna Elwell to Leavitt FT and Jacqueline Leavitt, $330,000

3 Nutfield Court, Unit 22: Healyford Realty LLC to Anthony Dipersio, $262,533

25 Overledge Drive: Charlene Thomas to Brian and Jaime Orourke, $395,533

3 Pembroke Drive, Unit 18: William J. Kirsch to Marco S. Liveira and Kristen A. Immoor, $164,000

15 Skylark Drive: Pamela J. Garrity to Manoucheka Lacouture, $382,533

5 Tsienneto Road, Unit 161: Francis J. Mcbride to Kimberly A. Nall, $254,933


47 Calla Road: New Comes Lorden Commons to Adam P. and Phuong L. Fallon, $603,800

144-K Capitol Hill, Drive Unit 144: Jeffrey Hile to Dunduo LLC, $127,000.

Cross Farm Condo, Unit 71: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Susan Linn Shook RET and Susan Linn Shook, $581,133

11 Hampshire Lane: Kevin and Elizabeth Frost to Dylan and Lauren E. Birdsall, $440,000

23 Harvest Moon Road: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Suzette Leitao and Robin A. Mcgee, $576,533

1 King Edward Drive: Joseph A. and Helen J. Frank to Daryl and Darnae Bazyldo, $469,933

25 Mayflower Drive: Kelly A. and Ryan R. Burgess to Anthony M. Dalpra and Kelcie Malloy-Dalpra, $455,000

50 Nashua Road, Unit 112: Cynthia Hatem to TM MDS LLC, $170,000

50 Nashua Road, Unit 202: TM MDS LLC to 50 Nashua Rd Suite 202, $117,533

103 Old Derry Road: Johanna R. and Kyle Earnshaw to Carmella Record, $355,000

40 White Plains Ave.: Limongelli FT and John A. Limongelli to John and Katlin Turner, $540,000

N/a Lot 41-23: Stabile Hm LLC to SPK RET and Paul J. Sabbagh, $584,933


3 Chapin Road: K P Bergeron Dev LLC to James Hartofelis, $979,933

36 Cobbetts Pond Road: Carlene M. Reardon to Valerie Mcclendon, $469,933

113 Haverhill Road: Zafla G. Raad to Chelsea and Thomas Burdulis, $433,400

36 Meetinghouse Road: White FT and Scott D. White to Eugene and Lauren Masella, $560,000

Old Route 111: 28 Haverhill Rd Rlty LLC to 28 Haverhill Rd Rlty LLC, $41,533

119 Range Road: Michael J. and Gleicy Spinelli to Jianming Wei, $549,000

Route 11, Lot 1: 28 Haverhill Rd Rlty LLC to 28 Haverhill Rd Rlty LLC, $275,000

10 Woodvue Road: A&C RET and Scott W. Lane to Brian A. and Lorraine M. Medeiros, $640,000

43-A Woodvue Road: Blaise Coco to Michael A. and Heather E. Strock, $2,175,000


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