It's spring and senior year. Many college decisions have already been made. It might just be time to kick back and relax a bit.

But that's not the case for the top 10 seniors at Pinkerton Academy and Londonderry High School.

"I'm keeping up with the work right to the end of the year," Pinkerton salutatorian Lexi Hamsmith of Derry said.

Hamsmith is heading to Northeastern University in the fall. Until she leaves the halls at Pinkerton in June, she will continue to study hard.

She's not alone.

Londonderry valedictorian Chentian Jiang said doing well to the end is simply ingrained.

"I'm really not taking it any easier," said Jiang, who is headed to Northwestern University to study economics and pre-med.

Londonderry salutatorian Jaclyn Hoffman said she's even more motivated to finish on top of the game.

"I wouldn't be happy if a grade slipped," she said. "But I won't be that stressed if I got an A minus instead of an A."

Hoffman received early acceptance to Columbia University, her first-choice school, where she plans to be an English major.

Pinkerton valedictorian Kelly Glynn of Chester is heading to Cornell University to major in engineering.

She said being rank first in her class is an honor. Knowing her years of hard work paid off is a bonus, she said.

Pinkerton's Morgan Sutherland has been nominated and will attend the U.S. Air Force Academy. His four years in Pinkerton's AFJROTC program earned him the momentum and skills.

"He is one of the most qualified cadets to come through our program and we're very proud of him and wish him the best," said Lt. Col. Howie Steadman, director of Pinkerton's Aerospace Science Department.

Pinkerton names its top 10 students using a weighted grade average system to determine GPA and class rank, based on a 100-point scale.

Final rankings and GPAs for seniors at Londonderry High are calculated after the first semester of senior year. A transfer student must attend Londonderry High for a minimum of four semesters prior to calculation to be eligible for consideration for recognition in the top 10.

"We usually make this announcement in March, about six weeks after first semester," said Mike Dolphin, guidance director at Londonderry High. "I want to make sure there are multiple statistical reviews and checks. Also, if there are any first semester grade changes for whatever reason, this window ensures no premature announcements and errors."

Make no mistake, these students are motivated to do well until the end of their high school careers and beyond.

"But I still have 'senioritis,'" Hamsmith said. "I won't lie."

Pinkerton's top 10 students in order from the highest ranked are: valedictorian Kelly Glynn, Chester, Cornell University; salutatorian Lexi Hamsmith, Derry, Northeastern; Christopher Pietrocarlo, Hampstead, Villanova; Kimberly Buchwald, Hampstead, University of New Hampshire; Rory Fawcett, Chester, Ithaca College; Morgan Sutherland, Derry, U.S. Air Force Academy; Timothy Dyson, Chester, Northeastern University; Kimberly Silva, Derry, undecided; Nicholas Wolchko, East Hampstead, Carnegie Mellon; and Samuel Eaton, Derry, undecided.

Londonderry High School's top 10 students in order from the highest ranked are: valedictorian Chentian Jiang, Northwestern University; salutatorian Jacklyn Hoffman, Columbia University; Jessica Fang, Brown University; Jennifer Heffernan, undecided; Rachel Moburg, Boston College; Margaret Harrington, undecided; Timothy Cava, undecided; Ryan Marett, undecided; Stacy Karthas, undecided; and Danielle Max, Quinnipiac University.

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