DERRY — Pinkerton Academy faculty take their talents out of the classroom and onto the Stockbridge Theatre stage this week as Faculty Arts Theater presents two short plays, "Snew White" and "Wooing Wed Widing Hood" on May 14 and 15, at 7 p.m. This is the 18th year the Academy's teachers perform in the annual faculty play, all in the name of fun and student support.

And for the core group of teachers who make up the performing troupe at Pinkerton, this year's play is going to be funny, a real crowd-pleaser, and proof that a lot of faculty talent walks the halls at the school.

"People look forward to it each year," said English teacher Joe Dion, a regular cast member for many years, but remaining behind the scenes this year as show director.

The teacher said for about two years, faculty members took chances penning original plays to perform as faculty productions, but now he searches for scripts that can utilize a large cast and will, hopefully, bring some laughs to the stage.

"I look for scripts with big casting," he said. "So many people want to be involved."

Add in a great group of faculty on staff at the Derry high school and it's a recipe for a unique situation where teachers come out and have fun for a good cause.

"There is a lot of camaraderie," Dion said, adding Pinkerton may have been one of the pioneers of the faculty production in this area. Now many schools are following suit to bring fun shows to the stage featuring staff.

"It makes being here something special," he said.

This year's offerings, "Snew White" and "Wooing Wed Widing Hood" bring loveable characters like dwarfs to the stage, amid wicked queens, and a few more fractured fairy tale scenarios.

Dion said faculty plays began as a way to raise money to help support student scholarships at the school. Now the group continues to enjoy performing for the community and hopes people will come out and support their favorite teachers.

He added he is one of the original "core" group of teachers who began the plays, and said all the fresh, new blood is doing a great job keeping the shows going each year.

"There are a lot of the same people," Dion noted, "but we always get new members."

Dion expects the two shows this week to bring in great crowds, possibly 500-600 people each night.

Tickets for the faculty play are $5 and available at the door on show nights. For information, call Pinkerton Academy at 437-5200.

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