DERRY — The husband-wife team of Andy Day and Alana Wentworth is growing businesses like fruit on the vine.

The Drinkery will soon join the couple’s Cask and Vine shop on East Broadway.

It’s the second outlet for a small chain first launched at The Tupelo in neighboring Londonderry.

“We’re not calling it The Drinkery 2. It is going to be our second location,” Day said. “We’re calling it The Drinkery Derry to differentiate it.”

They chose a storefront at 33 East Broadway next to MaryAnn’s Diner.

Day isn’t dismissing the idea of more shops for The Drinkery.

“I’m not going to rule it out,” he said.

They anticipate an initial investment of $50,000 and staffing of at least three people.

The owners are pointing toward a late June or early August opening.

For Day and Wentworth, the decision to open their second business in downtown Derry in a little over a year was easy.

“It feels like a community,” Day said. “This is a good place to be.”

He sees a reason why people want small shops like his in Derry.

“In a big-box world, people are looking for something a little more intimate,” he said.

He’s watched as Cask and Vine has drawn customers from as far as Hudson to the traditional downtown.

“This downtown feels like an old downtown,” Day said. “People want to go to a town like this and visit different shops.”

He doesn’t see parking as an obstacle, saying nearby municipal lots are seeing increased use as more shops open downtown.

Day envisions a revival for downtown as businesses such as theirs arrive and occupy formerly vacant storefronts.

“Look down to the end of West Broadway. You have the Opera House. I think there are big things in store,” he said. “We want to get involved with those folks.”

The Drinkery will sell craft beers and small production wines.

“There will be no on-the-premises consumption,” Day said.

But there will be special promotions.

The owners already have approached Derry officials, seeking approval.

“The reception we got was really good,” he said.

Day expects the business will be open six or seven days, probably from early afternoon until 9 or 10 at night, with longer hours on the weekend.

The arrival of The Drinkery is more good news for downtown.

“I’m happy we are getting new businesses in the area again,” said Stacey Bruzzese, executive director for the Greater Derry Londonderry Chamber of Commerce. “Derry is unique. We are one of the few communities that has a true downtown.”

The experience of walking around outdoors, visiting shops and restaurants is something people want, she said.

“Any time you have a downtown area, you automatically have a place where people can actually congregate,” Bruzzese said.

New businesses like The Drinkery will help bring foot traffic to the downtown, she said.

“This gives a whole different outlook to the downtown community,” she said.

Chamber president-elect Seth Fragala said he’s pleased by the pending arrival of The Drinkery downtown.

“Any additional activity is a fantastic thing,” Fragala said.

Downtown is what helps to make Derry unique and more shops add to the community feel and help bring people in, he said.

“In the Southern New Hampshire area, very few towns have that old school, old town feel,” Fragala said.

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