DERRY | There was definitely something for everyone.

From massive stacks of books and toys, to furniture, sports items, and household goods, Saturday's annual Derry Rotary Club auction gave those looking for a bargain plenty of choices.

One man walked back to his car carrying a vintage metal bird cage. Another man held a framed oil painting under his arm. For anyone looking for that special object, the auction most likely had it.

Longtime auctioneers and club members Bob Gorham and Art McLean took turns on the auction block, selling items with their fast talk and pounding the gavel to seal deals.

The Derry Rotary has hosted the annual auction for almost 30 years, members noted, and it is the club's largest fundraiser, raising close to $20,000 each year to support Rotary charities and community causes.

With the temperatures rising on Saturday, faithful auction fans came out to the Hood Commons' parking lot to sit under a tent and enjoy the day's bidding. At noon, approximately 192 bidders had officially registered and received auction numbers.

Dr. Scott Copeland, a Derry orthodontist and Rotary member, said this year's lot of auction donations and merchandise was bigger than last year's | including dining room sets, couches, baby items, wall hangings, bicycles, and more | but audience numbers were a bit down.

One woman sitting under the tent held up her number to bid on an item, but missed the next bid and lost the chance to take her treasure home.

"You have to yell quite loud," a neighboring auction-lover said to the woman.

The auction even had the proverbial kitchen sink, or in Saturday's case, a shiny bathroom-style sink, up for the top bidder.

"They didn't have all these cool things when I came here growing up," said Ann Marie Hazlett, of Derry. "But you do have to think about where to put it."

For Hazlett, the deal of the day was a pile of dining room furniture | a large table and six chairs, plus three leaves to make the table even more massive. She sat under the tent and eyed her purchase, stacked neatly in the parking lot, and wondered how she would get it all home.

"I got all this for $140," she said. "I got a steal."

Hazlett's other treasure for the day was a cane with a golden gilded duck head on one end. She said she bid on it for her husband.

All of the auction proceeds support the Rotary's charities. Club member Vickie Chase said the event is always a good way to help the community.

"We raise an awful lot of money," Chase said. "We have a great time as Rotarians."

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