LONDONDERRY — The senior citizens will get their expanded parking lot.

The Demolition Delay Committee held a hearing March 15 to decide the fate of the North Fire Station on Mammoth Road, adjacent to the town's senior center.

"About 20 seniors came to the hearing," senior center director Sara Landry said. "We were thrilled that the Demolition Delay Committee voted not to delay the process. The town has the opportunity to get funding to clean up the land, but it has to be used before June 30."

Landry said one of the fire truck's tanks had leaked into the soil and that would have to be taken care of before the area could be paved.

The Demolition Delay Committee holds hearings on buildings that are more than 50 years old to assess whether tearing them down is in the best historical interest of the town. The old station, built by volunteers in 1952, was replaced by a new station on Grenier Field Road earlier this year.

"With all the problems in the old fire station, especially the asbestos, it's better to just tear it down," committee chairman Kathy Wagner said.

The four-member committee voted 3-1 to let the town go ahead with the demolition.

"It will give us another 20 (to) 22 parking spots," Landry said. "And instead of having two exits going out onto Mammoth Road, we can have a safer exit on the side street."

The fire station sits on the corner of Mammoth Road and Foxglove Street. The senior center now has 22 spots, two of them for handicapped accessibility.

"We'd like to have five handicapped spots," Landry said. "We have an average of 44 people attending the center each weekday."

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