LONDONDERRY | A veteran Fire Department captain will again enjoy small-town life when he becomes Meredith's fire chief Oct. 1.

Capt. James Carrier, who started with the local department in 1982, will remain with Londonderry until April 1.

Carrier sees Meredith as a return to his roots, a return to the small-town life he enjoyed in Londonderry back in 1982. Meredith, with no big stores and little off-season traffic, is a lot like what Londonderry used to be like, he said.

In those days, firefighters "could count the cars that went by the fire station in a day," he said.

The Meredith department answers about 335 emergency calls a year, as opposed to the 2,500 to 2,700 the Londonderry department responds to in a year, he said.

"Professionally, after 25 years, I'm looking forward to going into a department and making a difference," Carrier said, adding that he hopes to boost volunteer-firefighter recruitment and retention.

Carrier will be the lone full-time employee there; the others are on-call firefighters.

Carrier is the brother of Londonderry fire Chief Mike Carrier, who retired from the position earlier this summer, but is remaining until the town finds a replacement.

Mike Carrier said he's proud of his brother becoming the chief in Meredith and thinks he and the town are a good fit.

James Carrier and his wife have lived in Meredith for a year. The town is north of Laconia, and has a population of about 6,600.

Along with having the small-town feel, working in Meredith places him closer to some of his favorite activities | hiking and ice climbing, he said.

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