LONDONDERRY — Londonderry residents are being asked for their input regarding open-space policies and purchases in an online survey launched by the town's Open Space Task Force.

The survey was launched on Feb. 22 and is intended to be open for 30 days, allowing the Task Force to collect information on residents' priorities for open space, such as what types of land deserve protection and what means should be used to secure it.

The survey is intended to help better understand residents' attitudes, opinions, and needs for the natural values and benefits of such open spaces as forests, agriculture and habitat for plants and animals.

The benefits from these natural resources include clean water, protection from flooding, food production, outdoor recreation, and scenery.

According to GIS manager John Vogl, the Task Force was established by the Town Council to provide an update of the 2005 Open Space Plan and provide direction for future conservation purchases.

"After spending $8 million in bonds over the last several years," Vogl said, "key to everyone's mind, is the question of 'how much is enough?'"

The new plan is intended to shed light on that question by identifying first an inventory of open space resources (land, stewardship, financing) and second an inventory of the need for open space to meet the aforementioned benefits.

The Task Force will assemble the results of these two inventories plus feedback from a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis and yet-to-be-announced public workshops into a final report.

With the online survey, the Town is asking for residents' views relative to open-space purchases and priorities in Londonderry.

Vogl said the results would be tabulated and presented in the final report.

All residents are encouraged to participate. The survey can be found on the front page of the town website,

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