LONDONDERRY — The fire department will get two new vehicles.

Town councilors last week approved spending $27,358 and $31,821, respectively, to buy a new Ford Interceptor utility vehicle and a 2014 Ford F350 to replace two aging models being used now.

One model being replaced is a 23-year-old pickup style that served as one of the department’s earliest rescue vehicles and went on to work as a forestry truck at the South End fire station.

A second is a fire prevention vehicle that was used by staff and most recently is the vehicle used by Chief Darren O’Brien.

“It’s an administrative vehicle,” he said. “It’s my vehicle.”

O’Brien said it’s getting too expensive to maintain the older vehicles.

“The cost to repair is more than the value of the vehicle,” he said. “I find it’s really not feasible to do so.”

The new vehicles will come to town under a lease agreement, O’Brien said.

The money will come from the fire department’s fiscal year 2014 budget.

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