Gov. John Lynch read "Oh The Places You'll Go," a Dr. Seuss book, to fourth-graders at Matthew Thornton Elementary School last Friday.

LONDONDERRY | Fourth-graders at Matthew Thornton Elementary School were delighted by a visit from Gov. John Lynch Friday morning as he told them about his five cats and read "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Seuss.

The governor made it a point to stop at the school on his tour of nearby towns because the students were not able to visit with him on their recent visit to the Statehouse.

And they were a patient group of 150 children. Lynch was more than a half-hour late on Friday, and Principal Carol Mack along with teachers Ray Clermont and Victoria Stickney improvised stories and games to keep the students occupied.

When Lynch finally arrived, he received a standing ovation and lots of high-fives.

He asked the children what they would do if they were governor and received many good responses regarding smoking bans and cell phone use while driving.

He then read the Dr. Seuss book.

"Isn't that a good story?" Lynch asked. "What did it mean to you?"

The group then had an animated discussion about learning from mistakes, making choices and not being afraid to try something new for fear of failure.

"This applies to kids, adults and governors," Lynch said. "It was a big risk for me to run for governor."

Mack presented Lynch with an orange Matthew Thornton T-shirt.

"The next time you're up at the Statehouse, come up to my office," Lynch told the children. "Say, 'I want to see the governor.'"

Lynch said if he were there, he'd give them a personal tour.

"That would be the grand tour," said one student.

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