Anastasia Reinhold, an eighth-grader at Londonderry Middle School, wrote the winning essay for the Susan B. Anthony Essay Contest hosted by the YWCA of Greater Manchester.

LONDONDERRY | Anastasia "Ana" Reinhold, an eighth-grader at Londonderry Middle School, was encouraged by her guidance counselor to enter the annual Susan B. Anthony Essay Contest for seventh- and eighth-graders.

Ana went ahead and wrote a 747-word essay about courage and standing up for oneself.

She won the contest, sponsored by the YWCA of Greater Manchester, and was acknowledged at Tuesday night's School Board meeting by her principal, Andrew Corey.

"I wrote from the heart," Ana told the board and those attending the meeting.

"There is a lot of unfairness between men and women, still."

Susan B. Anthony was a prominent American civil rights leader and activist during the 19th century who played a pivotal role in the women's rights movement.

Ana's eighth-grade counselor, Nancy Marston, said she has attended the YWCA's Celebration Dinner for "years." The dinner honors the Y's membership movement, which advocates for women of all ages to effect personal and community change for peace, social change and economic equality.

Ana was honored at the 27th annual dinner March 26 at the Manchester Country Club. Along with her award, Ana received 50 Susan B. Anthony dollar bills.

"I encouraged my own daughter to enter the essay contest," Marston said. Her daughter, Emily, is now 20.

"It's a wonderful honor for Ana to receive this award. She's a great kid."

Marston said Ana is a talented artist as well as an athlete.

"Thanks to Anthony's and other leaders' courage, today I am accepted as a person," Ana wrote in her essay. "I get the same education as the boys my age do and more career opportunities have arisen for me."

Ana said she would like to join the Air Force after high school.

"But if I don't, I'll become a lawyer, " she said. "Then I can right the wrongs of the government."

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