DERRY — One resident wants the town to do more to control mosquitoes and eliminate the stagnant pools of water where the insects breed.

Even though the town sprayed several times this year to help protect residents from the threat of disease-carrying mosquitoes, Scott Dellisola said more should be done.

Dellisola brought his mosquito concerns before Town Council at a meeting Oct. 2.

He wants the town to put laws in place requiring homeowners to do something about the pools of water where mosquitoes that can carry the deadly Eastern equine encephalitis and West Nile viruses breed.

“Pools are not maintained, not covered,” he said.

The death of a Derry horse last month from encephalitis sparked more concern for Dellisola.

His daughter is a Derry Demon cheerleader, and mosquitoes are frequent pests during football games at town fields.

“We would get eaten alive down there,” Dellisola said.

Derry hired Dragon Mosquito Control to do its spraying this year. Spraying was done in April, August and again last month.

The state has tested thousands of batches of mosquitoes this year, and some infected insects have been found in Southern New Hampshire towns.

Dellisola said it’s good to keep up with the spraying, but residents who fail to clear pools of water that collect around their home are not being responsible.

He wants the town to take action.

“To let it go until it’s too late is a big mistake,” he said. “If a horse is dropping dead from it, we should nip it in the bud.”

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