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COURTESY PHOTOAnthony Siragusa, formerly of Derry, has invented a new toilet brush he hopes to sell to make life a bit easier for people. 

A former Derry man hopes to make bathroom cleaning a bit easier and more efficient.

Anthony Siragusa is the inventor of the Spray Away Toilet Brush, a brush/sprayer combination that allows people to scrub their bowls in a cleaner, more sanitary way.

"I always wanted to be an entrepreneur," the 34-year-old said. "This is so different."

And although inventing a new toilet brush may not be the most glamorous invention of all time, Siragusa said he was inspired through a lot of travel and the fact he saw many bathrooms that needed some updated attention.

That led him to think about a way to create a new cleaning tool that could not only utilize the traditional bowl brush, but also add in a liquid spray effect, a unique new way to clean.

The patent-pending Spray Away Toilet Brush is the only brush in the world, Siragusa said, with a built-in pump sprayer inside the shaft. The bristles never touch any residue in the bowl. 

The clean water in the bowl is pumped up into the brush handle, then squirted out to do the cleaning. 

"It looks like a normal toilet brush," Siragusa said. "My whole life I've always thought about different things." 

Siragusa said after college he was in a good place and started thinking about his ideas for products. He knew the time was right to take the chance.

"I wanted to invent something," he said, adding he took an established product — a toilet brush — and decided to make it better.

"You just think of things," he added.

Siragusa did his homework, got educated on the process of inventing, marketing, licensing, and producing a product to sell to consumers.

He hopes to market his product to home shopping networks, catalogs, online sales sources and other markets that might be interested. 

"It's a big endeavor but step by step, you put one foot in and see if it's okay," he said.

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