I was reminded this morning by Facebook that it’s been six years since my oldest daughter and I made an impulsive trip to my “hometown” of Woodstock, New York for a memorial service for a friend.

I lived in Woodstock from the middle of 3rd grade until the end of 10th grade so, although I wasn’t born there, it’s where I spent the majority of my youth and call it my hometown.

We decided to make the trip the day before, when I found out Dick’s funeral was going to happen. Of course I wanted to see our friends since I hadn’t been back to Woodstock in several years.

I knew it would also be a great opportunity to see a lot of old friends since a lot of the kids (including me) swam on the same swim team together.

I called another family friend we hadn’t seen in a long time to ask if we could spend the night. They were happy to accommodate us. Of course we could have stayed in a hotel but I really wanted to spend some time with the Bartons as well.

We had an enjoyable four hour car ride each way. It was some great quality time with my daughter, who was a senior in high school at the time. I’ve always said that impulsive trips are the best kind.

A couple of years after that, I found out that one of my favorite comedians, Don Rickles was having a show in Atlantic City. It was something that had always been on my bucket list. I managed to get two tickets and another impulsive road trip happened that weekend. My husband and I drove about six and a half hours to New Jersey, played a few slot machines, saw the incredible show, went to bed, woke up the next morning, had breakfast and drove home.

It was such an enjoyable trip without the kids fighting in the back seat. We got to listen to what we wanted to on the radio and stop where we wanted to stop. It was a great weekend of quality time with my husband.

Again, impulsive play dates are the best kind.

Once in a while, a group of my friends plan a girls night out. Usually it starts with a text to the group of “let’s plan a night out” which turns into everyone throwing out dates that work.

Because of our busy “mom schedules,” the date usually gets planned for over a month away. I love having something to look forward to but I also find that sometimes just tossing out a text of “let’s go out Friday night” tends to work even better.

For some reason, impulsive seems to work better.

We all live such busy lives and it’s so important to take the time for ourselves and have some fun. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. Even if it’s just a family night home with a movie.

Life moves so fast and if we don’t make the time for ourselves to do what we enjoy, time escapes us and you can’t get that time back.

My second oldest is about to graduate from high school. I certainly don’t want a funeral to occur in order to take a road trip with him but I hope the opportunity arises for us to have an impulsive play date one day soon.

In the fall he’ll be off to college and the next four years will be a blur. And of course he’ll be busy so an impulsive date with him being an hour away won’t be easy.

I do my best not to let a good opportunity pass me by. Sometimes the timing just works perfectly and it’s meant to be.

I’m sure it will happen when the time is right because once again, impulsive play dates are always the most fun.

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