DERRY — A list of GOP incumbent state representatives for District 6 will move on to the November general election ballot in Derry.

In early results Tuesday night, those earning a spot in November are incumbents David Love, 2,238 votes; John Potucek, 1,664 votes; Katherine Prudhomme O'Brien, 1,580 votes; Phyllis Katsakiores, 1,539 votes; David Milz, 1,421 votes, and Stephen Pearson, 1,440 votes.

Also earning a spot in the November ballot are Republicans Erica Layon, 1,647 votes; Anne Copp, 1,523 votes; Mary Ann Kimball, 1,362, and Richard Tripp, 1,336.

Ten uncontested Democratic state representative candidates will also move on to the November ballot.

They include incumbent Mary Eisner, Thomas Wood, Amy Dattner-Levy, Paul Doolittle, Owen Ingram, Michelle Sawyer Moge, Erin Spencer, Mary Till, Beatrice Vargas, and Johnathan West.

Derry's November election will have one polling location at Pinkerton Academy. All four of the town's voting districts will cast ballots there.


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