Emergency crews lauded for live-saving work

COURTESY PHOTO. Derry emergency crews were able to meet with a local woman who required life-saving care last month after collapsing on Ballard Road.

DERRY — It's a success story for those who save lives.

Last month, Derry emergency crews responded to multiple 911 calls reporting a collapsed female on Ballard Road.

Derry Ladder 4, Medic 2 and Car 1 were alerted by Derry Fire Alarm and responded immediately from their stations, according to a statement released from the Fire Department.

Upon arrival, a bystander was already performing CPR on the fallen victim. Fire personnel confirmed the patient was in cardiac arrest and began immediate basic and advanced life support care.

Crews worked diligently, according to the statement, performing high-quality CPR and administering advanced life-support measures.

The victim was eventually resuscitated and stabilized and taken to Parkland Medical Center.

And, according to the statement, the ongoing pandemic had crews performing their life-saving work while wearing personal protective gear, including Tyvek suits and respirators.

After the incident, emergency responders went to Parkland to visit the patient. She made a full recovery and has been discharged.

“This is a life-saving story because of the training, collaboration and continuum of care in the community,” said Marc Grossman, Parkland's Medical Director of Emergency Services. “From the onset of a bystander performing CPR, to Derry fire crews providing advanced life support measures and notification to Parkland Medical Center, our staff was well prepared and ready to provide high-quality care, all of which ultimately led to a positive outcome for the patient.”

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