Hi everyone!  Ellie here with just a few small reminders about things going on at your local town halls.

The best thing to do is check your local websites for updates and information. These sites are changing almost daily now, as the good people behind the scenes are trying to keep everyone informed.

The new catchwords are “virtual town halls”, which I think is pretty neat. Remember, there is often a place where you can sign up to get emails with the latest happenings. Most towns use just about every social media available now to keep us in the loop. We must remember that not everyone has a computer, so you can still call the office for more information.

First, please don’t forget that it is time to register me and my friends. April is the official dog registration month. If you haven’t yet, don’t worry. Our state is great, and they give all of you dog owners the month of May as a grace period month.

That means that you still have a couple weeks to get this done. Registering “us” is for everyone’s safety. If we get lost, help can be on the way. Remember it’s the law: RSA 466:1 to be exact. If you don’t register by May 31, monthly fines will be added on to the very small fee. One dollar every month, plus starting in June even bigger fines will be tacked on, not because your town wants to, but again it is the law.

Woof! As Forest Gump said, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Second, there are so many things happening around our upcoming elections. Remember, Sept. 8 is our state primary election and Nov. 3 is our general election.

This is all new to me: I wasn’t even born for the last round of these.

Little things to keep in mind are that if you want to change your party affiliation you have until June 2 to take care of this. Check with your town to see when your supervisors of the checklist are having their next session. It should be coming up soon. This is a chance for you to register to vote and change and/or check your party affiliation. Make sure you do check what party your registered for. Little human mistakes can happen and do.

One last thing that I thought you might want to know about is that our secretary of state is allowing any registered voter who is concerned about health and safety because of COVID-19 to request an absentee ballot. Absentee ballot request forms can be found on the state and local websites. Contact your local Town Hall for more information.

Just one more thing, and boy do I wish I could do this, but I’m just to small. Local elections need your help. If you know of someone who will be 17 years of age before an upcoming election, ask if they are interested in working at the polls. In most towns this is a paid position, too. There is nothing more exciting then being a part of how everything works behind the scenes on election day.

Contact your local offices for more information on how you can help your community. Oh, and if you’re thinking of running as a state representative, the filing period begins Wednesday, June 3 and ends Friday, June 12. Remember, every vote counts and is so very important. Watch for my election information campaign, it will be starting up again soon.

Yours, Ellie.

Sherry Farrell is Londonderry Town Clerk and a longtime resident of New Hampshire.

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