State officials are asking people in New Hampshire to keep an eye on their summertime activities like having campfires or setting off fireworks, that could unintentionally start a wildfire.

Currently, there is a high risk for potentially starting a wildfire because of abnormally dry and moderate drought conditions in New Hampshire, according to the state Forest Protection Bureau and the Fire Marshall’s Office.

A large majority — 90% — of the about 200 wildfires every year in New Hampshire are caused by human activities, such as campfires, unattended cooking fires and fireworks, according to the Fire Marshal's Office.

“While summer is a fun season, every year people are injured and property is damaged because of individuals who are not aware that their activities can lead to wildfire incidents,” said state Fire Marshal Paul J. Parisi.

In New Hampshire, people must obtain burn permits for all outdoor fires, including debris fires, campfires and bonfires, which helps control potential wildfires. Seasonal permits are available for specific locations that may have recurring fires, such as home fire pits and campgrounds.

“One of the best ways to help control loss caused by wildfires in New Hampshire is by obtaining a fire permit before you start your burn,” said Forest Protection Bureau Chief Steven Sherman. “Fire permits give local first responders the opportunity to inform the public about current fire conditions in the area and whether or not it is safe to burn that day.”

Burn permits are available online at

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