DERRY — The Town Council will have two new faces joining its ranks.

And the two outgoing councilors spent time during their final meeting saying goodbye and thanking the community for its support.

Councilors Joshua Bourdon and Neil Wetherbee, both incumbents, did not seek another three-year term and attended their final meeting on March 7.

Before signing off for the night, both Bourdon and Wetherbee took time to give many thanks to fellow councilors, town staff, administration and the community at large for many years of support,

For Bourdon, the most current Council chairman, it was saying how thankful he was to have served for the past nine years.

He credited having sound fellow councilors who are also friends, that helped him with his success.

“It’s not an easy position, it’s a thankless position,” Bourdon said. “But I really enjoyed my time with each and every one of you. You made me a better person and a better leader.”

Bourdon thanked town administration, including Town Administrator David Caron, department heads, staff and the community at large for support.

He gave an extra shout out to Caron.

“You guys have no idea how lucky we are to have you Dave,” Bourdon said. “You are like the encyclopedia , you are like the Google of town managers. Try and ask him a question he doesn’t know. It’s so hard to do. We are so lucky and blessed to have you.”

Bourdon said he is proud of many things accomplished during his time on the Council.

That includes work on energy savings through the Net Zero Task Force, a group Bourdon said had a “special place” in his heart.

Bourdon also credited much collective hard work on stabilizing town budget numbers and staffing. Also hard work done on recreation improvements and upgrades at parks and facilities and generally “leading the state” when it comes to working on energy savings efforts.

“I’m very grateful and thankful you helped me in each of these endeavors,” Bourdon said.

Bourdon then tossed his remarks to fellow Councilor Wetherbee, also stepping down after serving four terms as a town councilor.

“I felt you were one of my closest allies and I appreciate your friendship,” Bourdon said.

For Wetherbee, the feeling was mutual.

“I remember when you were brand now,” Wetherbee said to Bourdon. “And you did a great job in nine years. You care about the community and it shows.”

Wetherbee also gave a big thank you to all who offered him support during his time on the Council.

He paid a special tribute to those who served beside him in the past.

“The town staff make this job look easy,” Wetherbee said. “It’s really a team effort. That’s really what we have here.”

Wetherbee said he first got involved in town boards with work on the Conservation Commission, and urged people to get involved.

The outgoing councilors said there is still much work to do.

“I believe we are in a better place,” Wetherbee said, “but it hasn’t always been easy and hasn’t always been fun.”

But the rewards of serving and doing the town’s work is paramount, Wetherbee noted.

“It’s been rewarding and I’ve personally enjoyed being here and doing the job,” he said.

Councilor Erin Spencer told the outgoing councilors she has learned a lot from their years of experience.

“After I was elected, both of you reached out,” Spencer said. “I’m very happy to have been able to work with you and I learned a lot.”

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