DERRY — The community will get its new skatepark.

Town councilors put the finishing touches on funding for renovations and improvements to the aging skatepark at Alexander-Carr Park, authorizing $300,000 from the Alexander-Carr Trust to support the project, including replacement of current skatepark structures, landscaping, fencing, lighting and maintenance costs.

The approval came at the Jan. 4 Council meeting. An additional $200,000 was approved by Council at an earlier meeting, with that funding to come from the town’s recreation bond.

Recent Town Council meetings have drawn big crowds speaking out about the importance of bringing the local park back to life, both as a way to give Derry a destination location for people to enjoy, but to also give youth a safe location to skate and meet with friends.

The aging skating space served the community for years, inviting skaters and others to come to the park to enjoy a day of skateboarding and competitions.

But over the years, the park has seen its share of wear and tear with aging and damaged park structures and overgrown brush embedded in the fencing surrounding the space.

That led to a new set of supporters and eyes on a potential project to revive the spot and create a destination for those who love to skate.

The current park is 5,000 square feet and the new plan could expand that size.

The town reviewed proposals received for design for the new park and how much it would cost.

That led officials to Dreamland Skateparks LLC with more than 21 years of skate design/build experience and a proposal to build a 10,000 square-foot park for just under $500,000.

The timeline for the project could be approximately seven months from the start of the work.

The completed funding effort drew applause at the recent Council meeting, with many attending to support the park project.

The skatepark has also had a strong presence on social media, garnering much support for the new project.

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