DERRY — The town will be flushing lines throughout its municipal water distribution system between Sunday night, Oct. 24 and Friday morning, Nov. 5.

The work takes place between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. The core water system flushing is being conducted late evenings to minimize inconvenience to customers.

The work is necessary to maintain the water quality throughout the community to ensure continued safe drinking water for residents and businesses.

The flushing program typically begins on Manchester Road (Route 28) at the Derry/Londonderry town line, moving along Manchester Road southerly and easterly across town.

Heavy commercial users and customers identified with certain sensitivities will be notified by the town prior to work being done in their particular area. Any customers with special needs such as in-house dialysis equipment should contact the town to make their locations known so they can be notified in advance.

The water flushing work may result in intermittent periods of brown or rusty water. While this is not a health concern, it may temporarily affect the taste and aesthetics of drinking water, as well as the possible staining of laundry.

While every effort is made to flush the main lines until they run clean, some residual mineral discoloration may enter and remain in service lines.

Customers should try to limit their water use during the hours of flushing to keep discolored water from entering their service lines. Customers should run their service lines thoroughly until clear before doing laundry.

Anyone with specific questions regarding the work or find that your service line does not clear, call Public Works at 432-6147.

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