DERRY — Town councilors heard from a resident that there is alleged fowl play in her neighborhood.

During the Sept. 15 meeting, Dorene Bergerson of 65 Scobie Pond Road, spoke during the public forum stating she, along with several of her neighbors were getting a bit irked about another neighbor's chickens and roosters.

"We have an issue," Bergeron told councilors, adding it's all about some roaming chickens and rooster that are visiting her property and others, digging, crowing, and making a mess.

Bergeron said she and several neighbors have filed the proper complaints with the town as per the rules, but wishes more was done prior to her appearance before the council.

Town officials did respond, Bergeron said, and the neighbor in question eventually put up a chicken coop fence and now keeps the birds better contained.

But the issue has now gone from chickens to rats, Bergeron said, saying three of her neighbors have found several roaming rodents.

She hopes the town will continue to monitor the neighborhood's issues.

"We are trying to follow the guidelines and do what is right," Bergeron said, "but the inaction is unbearable."

Council Chairman Charlie Foote told Bergeron the town is aware and the proper steps are being taken to help the situation.

"Give it a few more days," Foote said.

In other business, the council approved several items on its agenda including:

— an application to apply for a Community Development Block Grant — Community Organizations. As part of the federal CARES Act, communities can apply for this grant to help with additional costs incurred by community service organizations, such as town human services costs. Derry has hired a grant writer to draft the application. Derry's application could specify the need for support for emergency housing, and any other services attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic.

— approval of an amendment to the traffic ordinance to include two yield signs at Little John Court at Matthew Drive and Friar tuck Avenue at Rebecca Lane. The town's Highway Committee had received a request from a resident on Matthew Drive to originally ask for the installation of a stop sign on Little John Court at Matthew Drive, but after discussion, it was decided that yield signs would be placed at the two locations.

— approval of accepting Steele Road as a Class V Public Way. Steele Road is an 11-lot subdivision off Bartlett Road. With the acceptance, the town will take care of maintenance responsibilities including cleaning catch basins, pavement management and winter plowing.


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