DERRY — Local police are warning people to be wary of a scam that uses movie prop money attempting to be passed as legal currency.

Derry police say the department has received several reports over the past several months of movie prop money being used in various denominations and being passed as legal money, including $50 and $100 bills.

Movie prop money can have the same look as actual currency, but in most instances, it does not have the same texture as actual cash, police say.

It normally has wording on it that identifies it as faux currency. For example, it will usually have some variation of wording on it that reads:

“For Motion Picture Use Only” along the top, front-face of the bill

“Prop Movie Money” written somewhere on the bill

“This is Not Legal Tender” written on the front of the bill

“Play Money” written on the front of the bill

Police stress it’s not illegal to possess the prop money, but it is illegal to pass this fake money along as the real thing.

That is a felony and could lead to jail time and even federal charges.

Anyone who receives suspected movie prop money or illegally manufactured bills as actual currency should call the Derry Police Department at (603) 432-6111 or your local law enforcement agency.

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