DERRY —The Department of Public Works is reminding residents to follow the town's rules when it comes to parking and snow placement once cold weather arrives.

Derry's Winter Parking Ban is in effect from Nov. 15 through April 1. During that time, no person shall park any motor vehicle on any public road between midnight and 6 a.m.  Any vehicle parked in violation will be towed. Vehicles towed shall be stored and released to the owner only upon payment of the cost of towing.

No person is allowed to place any snow or ice upon the surface of the traveled portion of any town-maintained portion of road or highway. Blowing, shoveling or plowing snow into the street creates a very dangerous situation that can cause accidents. Any person violating this ordinance will be subject to a fine.

And the town also offers some insight on residents' mailboxes. All mailboxes and newspaper boxes are allowed to be located within the town right-of-way at the owner’s risk. The removal of snow around mailboxes and maintenance of the mailbox and post are the responsibility of the owner.

Residents are asked not to place any permanent or temporary structures, sprinkler heads or landscape items within the town’s right-of-way. The town does not repair mailboxes damaged during snow removal operations.

Also, stakes, delineators or rocks placed at the edge of pavement can't be guaranteed for protection during the winter season.

For additional information, contact Derry's Department of Public Works at 603-432-6144.

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